Hairdressing and Salon Service?

04 May

Hairdressing and the Service Industry:

Why a picture of an empty restaurant ?

Why a picture of a busy busy Restaurant?

My Blog is about hairdressing, products, but also about about the service we as stylists provide.I some case the service we don’t offer!

Whilst talking with my daughter the other day she was telling me about a restaurant she visited with a group for a Pre-booked Sunday Lunch, Highly recommended they booked well in advance arrived on time place was over booked service was really bad it was chaos,

Arriving for lunch at 1pm still having desert at 4.30pm! how does this relate to that Salon Experience?

Quite simply: After this experience after this restaurant was highly recommended would my daughter and the party she was with return or recommend this place this experience?

The answer is a Big NO! so can you see where we are going with this?

The Salon is no Different how many times are we on a role that busy day fully booked up and yet we keep fitting people in that busy day becomes an exceptional day! or so we think but was it?  In these very competitive times offering exceptional Service that totally special experience is key to having and more importantly retaining clients and indeed getting new recommendations.

So that Busy day: A salon should be fun full of life, interaction, friendly, inviting, the problem with that busy day that big money earner it’s a short term view to success and reaching a consistent level of steady bookings.

When we over book, keep clients waiting we compromise the service in some cases we take short cuts, we have to seek the help of others, we might get an assistant to do a colour application that we normally do or that blow dry, we have all done this but it does not go unnoticed trust me your client does notice.

{Having that policy of booking and sticking to it  gains respect sets boundaries}

So on reflection: Although it was a busy day a big earner it was chaos you fitted new clients in but at the end of the day how many did you loose? a happy client recommends an unhappy client does not!

You will never reach a level steady busy days with good client retention when you take short cuts and over book. Money should not be the motivator! concentrate on the client the busy days the higher salary will follow! other wise that busy salon will start to look like this!

Whilst the Salon down the road thrives! maybe with your now moved on Clients! should this happen to you it’s time to reflect on what you are doing how you are doing it and what your real goal is!

We all have to sometimes take a look in that mirror and remind ourselves that no one is indispensable and that service and the client retention Recommendation are key to success.

Consultation: The Key to success is the time you take with that consultation it is important to note that a consultation should not be limited to new clients that little bit of time spent for that quick review with a returning clients puts then at ease makes them feel special.

This is your time to introduce your self to put your client at ease share thoughts ideas, educate them with your knowledge,  Most Importantly be Honest!

In some cases this honesty could be a recommendation that a colour service at this time might not be a good idea but conditioning and working toward that service would.  Trust me this works! you have been honest explained why this may not be a good idea you are building trust,respect, A relationship!

As an example when we get hair like this, on the left slightly over processed looking dull. Condition refresh recommend products: Discuss realistic goals set out time frame book that important revisit all stuff we know all stuff we forget about!

I moved back here from Canada  almost two years ago and still have contact and relationship with clients to this day.

They become friends it becomes a relationship its a journey we take! its  fun!

Things to think about!

* Consider clients skin tone, eye colour, how they present themselves!

*Never put a shade chart on a clients lap and say! What colour would you like today!

*Never Compromise your standard.

*Have Boundaries.

* Honesty is best Policy.

* Take the time to listen

As a stylist do you consider all the above? as the client do you get all of the above?

if not maybe it’s time to  look else where. to get that feeling of being special

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