Special day or Total night mare

12 May

It’s Wedding day:

A day to celebrate if well planned rehearsed short cuts can lead to nightmares!

This is of course written from a hair point of view but the same can follow through planning of this special day.

Planning for hair starts with knowing the date/time frame we have a consultation to be agreed to look plan a schedule to work towards make sure that you and your stylist are on the same page you feel confident in what they suggest. [don’t feel bullied]

First of all those roots the colour for the big day during the consultation discuss vision goals expectation, how many times will we have to colour from this first meeting until the day.

For me High-lights should be done to grow out as naturally as possible tones and shades that work with skin tone eye colour the hair’s natural base.

The above is a re growth of over 3months , when i first started with this model she was being re highlighted every 6 weeks in my opinion to harsh.

So what shades do we chose i advocate three or four shades that work together compliment each other when working with long hair and especially for up do wedding look i try not to high light the whole head.

In doing this colour i would like to just touch on colours used and think behind the choices made above the roots have dissappered and blended in.

The key to working on long hair is to not over process and over lap colour when running colour all the way down the hair don’t use a formula with peroxide the hair is already pre-lightened so porous![ demi formulation] for low lights.

Two Blonde tones one done with 20 vol [cream developer] bleach decolourizer one done with 9N 20 volume [cream developer ] a level 9 N has enough violet pigment to control the lift keep Highlights nice natural blonde.

Low lights two shades  one a natural base tone level 8 Demi deposit roots to ends, the second shade to add warmth a little warmth also adds shine 6BR this a natural level dark blonde with a beige red tone

the models hair is a natural level 7.

So to the up do!

Make sure your stylist likes putting hair up, also get a quote for the big day like all aspects of weddings the price suddenly goes £££££££! I don’t agree with this i think as a stylist it’s part of your journey with your client! hey I’ve given them the up do a wedding gift!

So many stylist resort to hot irons curls and those nasty little white flowers! work with what you have consider will it last all day last through all those pictures. weather is also an unknown!

As a hairdresser consider how your clients looks! consider the dress, the neck line,

a look that compliments and makes her look her best!

So for me i love putting hair up i also like classic stand the test of times looks! so that is what we are working towards i normally spend a couple of hours play a test run but to get a feel.

First stage build a base so it’s firm and feels comfortable.

At this point note how the colour on top works with the un-coloured hair exposed underneath!

This hair was prepared by blow drying that’s all no styling tools no product just backcombing and hair spray.

First attempt above ok but not quite the look I am hoping for a little saggy a little tight but loving the high-lights and low lights they work very well together blending really well with the un-coloured area underneath.

To the right third attempt this is the look soft yet sleek with lots texture shows off the colour  and it works with the client our Bride to be!So finally how does our bride to be feel this is key are they HAPPY? if not take it down start again or agree to call it a day but another session.

As a client if you cannot get the look you want or don’t fell comfortable find some one else or try another stylist.

Asa stylist if the chemistry is not their pull out Wedding days are full of stress do you like that can you cope with it!

As a foot note the above has been fun to put down as an exercise but think on this.How much more pressure is on me as the Stylist when the Bride to be is my daughter, and my ex-wife is attending!

One hopes it’s a good day all round. {Thank you to Emily love you Dad}

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