Tools of our trade:

28 Jun

Knowledge Skill Passion:

Tools of our Trade choosing the right one having the right skill.


precision tools

Good quality hairdressing scissors can and are precision tools hand made can be very expensive very delicate and in the wrong hands can do damage.

For most Stylist using scissors is the main tool they use for most styles multiple ways to use and texture hair.

They come in many length’s and styles and quality and price vary considerable.

{an example of this the top right scissors are titanium coated}

{$1000.00 us approx}

All the Scissors above are Japanese and have serrated edge.

Thinning or texture Shears:

Another Favorite with stylists Thinning or texture shears:

Although a wonderful tool that can create amazing effects:

I do however think many stylist use them without giving consideration to what they can do to shape or how by removing bulk from one area you can create more in another, they can also create problems as a shape grows out.

Young stylist should given more training with these shears and their uses!

{subject to be discussed}


The feather razor so versatile their is nothing that you can do with scissors that cannot be done with one of these.

From clean blunt look to free flowing movement.

The key to using one of these razors is to have a full understanding shape, weight distribution, hair growth pattern an ability to see a shape to be able to create sharp using the waves the curves on any given head. To cut hair with a razor one must also have a huge respect for what it can do how sharp it is and yet how versatile it can be.

Over the years many different types of cutting tools and razors have come along some stand the test of time others are short lived {hairdressers love new toys}!

Over the years and as i have got more  of an understanding of hair texture and weight distribution I have been fascinated with finding ways to add texture to hair, not to be confined to cutting strait lines. or cutting strait lines only to go back into a cut to soften those lines out! using thinning shears, castle cutting, slide cutting, the list goes on.

I have two tools that i love too tools that i had to have the courage to pick up and learn to understand.both razors both very different.

The Claw’s or finger Razor: I have recently found articles re invention the Claw’s exciting!  with pictures of stylist with them on all fingers i think that three claw’s are effective enough when used correctly.

I have been using them for 10 years they were introduced to me by a wonderful Italian stylist.

Amazing tool on thick Asian hair you can really call your self an-artist do some freestyle cutting. As a tool to challenge both skill and artistic talent they area must have.

they enable you to become a real hair sculptor a free style artist. To the right cut with claw’s only they allow for wonderful texture.

The Crystal Blade:{discovered Winnipeg Manitoba Canada}

Yes a crystal { glass jade crystal} amazing for putting texture into hair as the blade will slowly De-laminate  little chips form on the class face thus creating even more texture.

A full understanding of shape and dimension texture is advised before using this tool on a client.

The Classic Cut throat another valuable tool:

Both these two shots soft edgy razor cuts.

On the right the short cut the look still with texture but retaining a slightly edgy sharpness!

The shot with me using the Claw’s to add texture shows how they become an extension of ones fingers so your creating by touch and feel they really are very fun to play with. link if you want to check them out.


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