Blonde & in Hong Kong

05 Jul

I have arrived

picture say 1000 words

I have posted many pictures and articles on the subject of blonde hair and the correct way to highlight it.

So a chance to post pictures of my work but in a totally different setting was quite appealing. I do so with full consent of the model for it was her trip her adventure.

The reason for going down this route rather than staying totally on topic is that doing hair talking about hair is only a small part of the equation of feeling and looking good easy to forget that the reason for getting ones hair done is to feel and look good

How one feels and looks is what makes us feel special dressing up being seen getting looked at are all reasons but they are all external the main one is to feel good in side taking care of ones self be that ones hair skin health are all part of the same well being.

When we stop caring when we stop making an effort its time for a personal conversation with your self that honest look in the mirror.

I very fortunate to have played my small roll in this by being able to colour and maintain her hair and know it looks good  so for my part and why i can write about this in my hair blog its striving to do ones best to know that what you do represents you skill your passion and is helping someone feel good about them self.

I write and post on these blog sites to share thoughts and experience maybe educate in an honest manner but also connect.

The main blog site posted below is very informative on many aspects of the hair industry techniques, education, reviews join in check it out add comments thoughts idea’s

Thanks Mike B2MR


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