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07 Jul

Comfortable in ones own skin.

Although most of my blogs are totally hairdressing related i am moving away from that because fashion how we look how we feel what we project is different for us all.

I don’t think that all hairdressers stylist take the time in the consultation process to consider that every one is different.

Not every one even these days wants to colour  their hair left un coloured the natural elements still manage to create tones.


Sun glasses cone in many shapes sizes, one can hide behind them they make a statement.

Hats Scarves sunglasses all accessories that can make any look personal individual , without considering how a client dresses look without considering life style stylists miss out on understanding life style and getting to know what clients are looking for.

glasses Don't have to be anything but an accessory

So Final shot again big glasses  hair looking natural  no colour no chemistry as we can see hair left un coloured still has its own way of producing its own tone and highlights, I see more and more promotion of hair colour on Tv on the internet promoting hair colour new safe Ammonia free just because it does not have Ammonia it still has an alternative Chemistry doing the same job so many people are being mislead  as to how natural these hair colour boxes are.

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