Care about hair colour?

09 Jul

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Care about hair color?

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Care About Hair – Hair Colouring and Education Service UK
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Started by Michael Vallance, Hair Colour and Styling Expert

It’s hard trying to get a group going maybe it’s the hair industry i do find that many don’t like to share information thoughts idea’s. i wonder why ? what is the risk really for what ever you share in thoughts idea’s should be repaid with new ones a different view more experience all adds up to a win win situation sharing and net working is key to opening the mind creating a flow of new thinking! thanks Mike B2MR
By Michael Vallance, Hair Colour and Styling Expert.

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One response to “Care about hair colour?

  1. hairtrendy

    July 11, 2010 at 6:15 am

    I Agree with the lack of sharing information, I recently heard that Jennifer Anistons Hair dresser was using 2$ wella hair color for that fantastic blond. I woundn’t be surprised if it were true, but that should explain some ones reasons to keep quit about their hair secrets. 🙂

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