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14 Jul

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It is my goal to create a platform that over time will become a place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

Over the years hair coloring techniques often made it necessary to camouflage a poor or badly done hair colour sometimes with somewhat radical actions maybe a perky cut or as a last resort a wig.

Lightening jet-black hair meant hours of bleaching that left hair in poor health and and often with orange red mid-lengths with yellow roots more straw than platinum blond.

Some times hit and miss for those wanting to try a darker shade, were oh so often left with a Gothic look, In some cases those looking for strawberry blond commonly got fire-engine red.

Modern hair coloring techniques and liberation of colour and appearance have made fire-engine red a fashion trend for some instead of a hair coloring catastrophe!

Modern hair coloring techniques can when done correctly add true dimension & tone working with the natural movement and swing of your hair cut and style.

Highlights and low lights are just a few of the choices that enhance both your hair your face style and appearance  In addition, hair coloring techniques include paneling and chunks, semi permanent and Demi permanent colour to refresh and brighten colour as it fades.

Types of Hair Coloring Techniques


Probably one of the first innovations in hair coloring, highlights brighten and add shine. Highlights work best on blonde to warm shades of gold, honey, amber, and reds and can be applied with permanent hair color, but after time should be carried out colour balancing by addressing root issues and refreshing the previous colour with a gentle formulation

problems arise when continued permanent colour is continuously laid over previously coloured hair.


A hair coloring technique that adds real depth to hair color.  low lights add darker tones and soften the look of over-lightened hair or add dimension to hair color that looks flat. A skilled stylist can weave up to three different colors into your hair by pulling a few strands here and there through a weave cap for a subtle look or foiling chunks of your hair for a dramatic, trendy look. this process can be applied with various shades can also be very effective when wanting to add darker shades of colour

putting darker lowlights can add as much dimension and tone as introducing lighter shade.

It is worth noting that when going tone on tone and darker that a Demi formulation sufficient when going darker we do not have to lift hair as part of the process. a common mistake made! if you go darker with a permanent colour you will introduce warmth to the chosen shade!


Brightens and enhances old flat hair color by applying a semi-permanent glaze in a richer tone over a permanent shade.

Paneling& Chunks:

Takes large, random sections of hair and infuses them with new color. or dramatic Blonde it is a hair coloring technique that gives dramatic impact to your hairstyle, often by adding brightness & trendy colors to natural hair color.

Hair Coloring Technique Processes
 Used most often in highlighting and low lighting,  often used but in my opinion needs the least skill the weave cap your stylist pulls small strands through holes in the weave cap. The effect is usually a subtle change that enhances your basic hair color the cap tends to not get as close to the root as other techniques and the holes dictate where the highlight goes with a cap only one shade can be applied at a time.


Your stylist places sections of hair onto rectangular sheets of foil and applies color or lightener, folding the foil to keep the color in place and away from other sections. Of all highlighting techniques, foiling can be applied closest to the root. many different techniques and products for this method papers foil

it is favored by professionals and colour technicians.

freehand painting:

A great application for textured, natural curls, or wavy hair. Your stylist selects specific areas and hand paints them with color. working with the wave and the way the hair naturally falls this  technique creates a dramatic implementation of a hair coloring technique leaves you with a very “personal” appearance!

It’s important to note that although kits are available for most all hair coloring techniques, professional stylists have the skill that comes with experience. Especially for hard to color shades like Grey, platinum, and black hair, it would be recommended to consult a professional if you intend to try a new hair color technique at home!  products designed for home use do not perform in the same manner as professional colour and techniques and application come with training and experience.

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