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03 Aug

Sharing Thoughts


It is my goal to create a platform that over time will become a place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

“Hi Michael

Thank you for your generous sharing on our community.  As our new site grows I know it will further raise your platform and everything you are passionate about also.  i too share your passion – and particularly love your blogs about consultations.  I am so BIG on consultations we have dedicated a 20 minute education film and training system to it!  It is distributed worldwide and I would love to share that with you sometime.  In the meantime I would like to share one of my blogs with you too – excuse me for being the slow one today – but not sure how put a blog up for your site?  Thanks, Karen :-)”

Robyn Woodcock added a comment to your profile on The Salon Success Club:

Hi Michael….Love reading your blogs and to meet someone who loves our exciting industry as much as we do!
Love the images you have shared to! Thanks a bunch from down under!!!

Mike B2MR


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