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08 Aug


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A posting from down under: From Salon Success:

Does the F word hold you back?

I’m here to tell you, you have everything you need to build something

remarkable. Something bigger than yourself. Believe me, there are

people around you who want to follow. They are looking and searching for

a leader. Our industry needs leaders! We need YOU.

Most salon owners and managers are out there doing the same thing in their business

and expecting a different result. But to get a better result we have to

make changes – and the only constant thing in our world these days is

change! Nothing remains the same – yes, it’s time for us all to adapt.

So what stops many of us from embracing change? Why is it we can know what

to do, but we don’t necessarily do it? You see here’s the thing.

Knowledge is the easy part. Never before has it been so easy to get

knowledge. All we have to do is whip out our laptop and google – and

there we might find 900 million possible answers! Not to mention the

loads of books, DVD’s and CD’s there at our beck and call.

Why is it many people never achieve the success they so deserve? What is it

that immobilise’s them from taking action?

Well it’s that word that no-one likes to use, or admit to for that matter. Yep its’ that

four letter word that begins with F.


That’s it. Hardly rocket science huh. But once people let themselves go down this track they become immobilised.

No-one is exempt from this. It happens to us all at times. Let me


As soon as we question ourselves whether we’d ‘get it right’ or be ‘good enough’ we begin the fear of failure process. And

believe me it is a step by step process we go through without even

realising. We descend on our downward spiral through these steps:

1. Fear not good enough (I’m not sure I have the skills to achieve


2. Fear of Failure (And if I don’t do a good job I might FAIL … Gasp!)

3. Fear Losing or not making money (I have to make x amount every week, I can’t jeopardise that by trying a new idea I’m not

sure will work)

4. Fear Loss of respect of others important in our lives – family, team etc (If I try it and fail everyone will think I’m


5. Fear Rejection (Then my team won’t want to work for me/love me/ like me, I’ll lose clients)

6. Immobilisation. This is where we come up with fabulous excuses (I know I have to do that but I

am a procrastinator/ the times not right/I’m too busy/that idea doesn’t


It is precisely after step 5 we become immobilised. We do nothing. We ponder and find logical reasons for not doing it. Lack

of time is the most common reason we come up with – Yes, we all use

that one! ‘But sometimes I truly don’t have time Karen!’ I hear you

say. OK, then consider this; If I offered you $100,000 to turn up at my

place tomorrow morning at 9am would you make it happen? My inclination

is that you would find a way, no matter what other urgent things you

had to do. So time isn’t always a valid reason is it? It’s simply a

great logic that we even believe ourselves. Hey we all do this. So

what’s my point?

My point is when you understand this process – you can then recognise it so you can stop it in its tracks the minute it

starts with those ‘not enough’ thoughts in your head.

Keep your eye on the goal. The goal that excites you so much that you push

through your fear before you get to the immobilisation stage.

The good news is you can talk yourself out of fear. Simply drown out your

fear story with a better story! The aftermath of ‘feeling the fear and

doing it anyway’ is nothing short of exhilarating. It’s an adrenalin

rush. The feeling of accomplishment is awesome wouldn’t you agree?!

Successful people are not aliens from outer space nor do they have a special ingredient no-one else has. They simply drown out their ‘fear

story’ with one of strength and purpose. They still feel the fear – but

do it anyway.

So what’s yours? What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning? What makes you feel the fear and do it anyway?

Focus on that. And know that you are good enough.

Karen Lynch


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