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12 Aug


Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience a place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

I find the more i write and think about topic’s to keep my little blog up to date and interesting the more i reflect on what it means to me what i can offer!

In working through this thought process it brings me back to the key point of what we all do and offer service.

Yes it’s skill it’s knowledge it’s communication but none of this matters if we don’t offer good service and good value for money service. Value for money does not mean discount or cheap just value.

What is the product we market skill, creativity, knowledge. ability to listen to communicate, honesty,

Oh yes and that all important consultation.

We are in the business of offering advise we are also specialist in solving problems!

So we are in a very unique business.

We have wonderous opportunities to use the many skills utilise the tools at our disposal to do our job to apply our trade, we have the ability to turn a bad day into a good day from disaster into success powerful stuff.

We have to think of ourselves as being totally unique in the service we offer and the skill we have for we are all different we all react in different ways this does not mean we are not part of a team and as such should not share thoughts idea’s we just all have something different to offer a different way of doing things.

The way we present our selves the appearance we project are all part of the personal image package that  is ‘I’ or ‘You’ this initial presentation is very important for it say this is me this is who i am!!!

So what are we selling what are we promoting:

This is easy ourselves our skill, talent, creativity, we are expert in the business of creating image a look experts in finding solutions to problems having answers to question.

Because we are all so very different and as such offer our trade in our own unique way none of us will suite everyone personality issues conflict will always exist so when it happens don’t take it to heart it only becomes personal if you let it! [ so be the bigger person ] a little humility is ok this does not make you a door mat.

Something we as stylist also need to at least be aware of  as gain success get busy get a reputation is Ego just keep it in check a little ego is healthy but to much…………..! not so good.

So to be a good communicator a problem solver what tools do we need? Knowledge is the key here!

Knowledge is power.

With so many different products on the market especially with hair colour both professional and Home kits, and now an onslaught of new Nano technology [ this new hip term} prior to this every thing was multifaceted, What ever the wording the lingo we have be on top of it we have to be up to date with new products new formulations how and why they work,how do we do this ?

Education, training up dates, sharing, and by asking questions?? thing some of us are not so good at!

Remember this the only stupid question is the one we don’t ask!

Be informed have knowledge be a problem solver not a problem maker!

As always thoughts comments idea’s please,

Mike B2MR


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