17 Aug

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As the art of hair colouring is a passion to me having both the technical and practical skills. I would like to try and cover some point with relation to foil high lighting.

In many salons i visit i get to meet some very talent stylist and colour technicians. i like to watch techniques and see what is the chosen product many use foils some use easy mesh i use a waxed paper that does not need to be folded and will not allow bleeding due to colour expansion, a thing that can happen with foil; especially if to much product applied and or if heat is introduced,

The biggest thing i observe with highlight is the neatness of sections the folding of the foils the care taken. the patients of many really good colourist is to be admired.

however there are always the slack untidy get them in get them out jobs to!

My question is on sectioning it’s hard to write about i wish i had a way to draw on screen any way here goes.

I have in past blogs articles made reference to not being able to cut  a straight line on a curved surface the same is so of highlighting sections!

when we work up the side of the head in nice neat sections we are working on a curve! so it follows if we pull the foil in tight to the section  the middle will be right into the root leaving distance from root at either end! if we pull one end in the other will move out ! its the curve.

The same can be said for working a T section if we start at the hair line and work toward the crown we are working on another curve so the same applies. as we pull the foil in as close as possible only a small part will pull right in a space will be at each end.

How do we get round this!?  by working in sections from the hairline in always sectioning to create a flat plain and by brick laying sections staggering them if you do this you will always get to the roots.

take time think about that curve adjust your sections it will make the work of difference to you!

Of course still consider re growth application colour balance and formulation but take the time to work on those sections it all about angles as you understand these  section you find you will naturally start to apply them to cutting sections as well it will give you over time greater understanding of shape and weight distribution.

Hope this tip helps some   Mike B2MR


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