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23 Aug


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In a recent exchange of thoughts with a fellow industry professional we were sharing thoughts and comments around policy and what is accepted as common place with professional hair colour manufactures, the practice of deploying clever marketing tactics to promote products in some cases cases certain Ingredients are promoted whilst others are disguised or played down, they work on the assumption that the majority of users or consumers do not know any different when the topic of ingredients are raised and their short / long term effect.

We as stylist colour technicians hairdressers owe it to our selves and our clients to be well informed and try to educate our clients on this subject.

In the same exchange of views the issue was raised as to training knowledge of stylists and interest in products ingredients it was suggested that many hairdressers and colorists do not consider internal knowledge of ingredients an issue. it was also suggested that for a few performance is key but most stylists are content to be part of an industry that  revolves around beauty and creating beautiful color, and the reality of our business is generating results that provide a complimentary service for which people pay a premium.

My view on this is that whilst i agree with this in principle I but don’t see how being informed and educated being able to inform clients openly about any given product would or should effect our creative talent, clients who are paying a premium should be doing so in the knowledge that the person doing the creative work is well informed and educated and not just using products that some corporate entity or large manufacturer has produced a slick advertising campaign for.

It was also pointed out to me that our lives are touched daily with ingredients that would shock most, however this is a commercial world we live in and is based on reality.  but does this mean we should not question does this mean we just have to accept it?

Manufacturers share technologies and ingredients and their resources are limited to what is tried, tested and approved by the cosmetic federations governing safety and usability.

This was and is not the point products that are tested  and certified as safe can be changed when certain elements come together also many ingredients are disguised and represented if different ways.

I am only saying we as professionals have a right to question and decide, we should not assume everything written on the box is gospel, manufactures and corporate concerns should hold professional stylist in higher regard when it’s comes to standards of knowledge and education,

In Closing we can as stylist change this attitude of need to know bases education, demand transparency of chemistry and ingredients and effects from manufacturing by questioning becoming educated ourselves and of course most importantly by use!



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