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30 Aug


Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience a place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

As I try and decide if I’m brave enough to see if i have enough content for a book of life wisdom and experience,

I have decided to take some time to share technique and experience but whilst reflecting on true salon experience with real clients and situations; I will however change the names:

This is inspired by karen Lynch after such an interesting conversation on so many idea’s thought’s and reflections on our industry.

If this format works I may well go back to the very start of my career but for now lets talk weddings and up do’s.

With My daughter’s wedding being a week away she arrives to day for that final colour touch up that final up do run through, as a stylist and as her dad no pressure right! think again this is one up do more than any that has to look amazing not that they all don’t.

But i digress this will take a few blogs and i hope be followed, lets start by going back to the late 70’syes it’s been that long, My initial training was although an apprenticeship not good my training for cutting was excellent taught by some of the very best even by today’s standards, having finished my training thinking the sky is the limit knowing everything and yet knowing nothing, i was on the salon floor doing clients i was always good with consultation i a people person that came easy so did building up a clientele but on reflection at the time i was so un-skilled. we will re visit this!!

Wedding hair as you build up a clientele you tend to attract clients a following of in my case young women around my age you get to know them they recommend you so it start’s, the big problem is we are all growing up maturing at the same time, so it follows wedding season that taking a relationship to the next level all happens at once,

I had never been taught showed how to put hair up backcombing went out the window as i started Vidal changed all that!

So here i was being asked to do weddings plans dates being set for me this was days out of London huge events big on the social calender Marquee in the garden jobs, I was clue less i was scared why?I had no idea how to play with and enjoy putting hair up i did not have the skill,

To get around this i would suggest hair to have any look but up, i would say oh i will be on holiday then, Fear fear fear! I could blame poor training to some degree true but the bottom line is i owed it to my self and my clients to get over this.

It started with asking for help some basic up do techniques at the time that roll was always a life saver

soft sweeping role bung on some flower’s or a tiara off you go, this worked but was very unsatisfying for me, As you might have guest it’s all about me!

In the Following blogs i am going to talk describe specific weddings and looks share a story of an event, but for now although i muddled through may weddings some of them huge events i never really enjoyed any of them  that’s sad and i feel i missed out on a great deal i had some amazing clients who shared their day with me invited me to the wedding brought me right into the center of the day the event and yet i blew it through fear. I missed out and although they don’t know it i let them down because i did not gain the knowledge and the training the tools i needed. don’t be like that don’t miss out on or diminish an experience because your own ego holds you back,

For me now i have taught up do classes put hair up for hundreds on stage head set huge screen i have encouraged, how through learning admitting to my self that i need to do this to face this to get over this,

How can one not hair is a medium to play with to explore shape and texture like cutting their is no right and wrong just shape and form that works get over this get over your self and it’s half the battle won.

So now as i write this i reflect on the main stage shows the standing ovation’s the looks created the questions asked about technique at an Avantgarde show and wonder why did i not get this earlier!

maybe i was i unwilling unable not ready.

Embrace the up do it’s an art it’s takes you to creative levels it’s another way to express you skill and talent,

Next blog will tell our first up do story, Mike B2MR


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