Wedding Hair, true account of a day:

02 Sep


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preparing hair planning Up-do

As i played with my daughter’s hair yesterday trying to find that perfect look for her trying to make her have an elegant sophistication i was drawn to the reminder of the very fact that this for a young women is that child hood dream her dream come true, Hair, makeup, beautiful dress, that happy ever after.

I was also and have been as a Dad for some time been reflecting on the passing of time how quickly we went to baby bouncer to this, as of next week it’s official my little girl is married and all grown up!

Any way i digress but well worth a ponder and a mention,

Moving on we have to remember that peek wedding time for me was around 1978 to mid eighties, remember the hair wash leave perms! the Purdy cut blow dried hair  lots of volume. Lady Di look a likes.

Starting to build a shape

One big wedding i attended comes to mind clients name changed ! this particular wedding was a big event months and months of planning and hair growing.

But a true story all events happened:

The plan here for Lucy was an up do very elegant  it had to show off the family tiara a very Breakfast at Tiffany Audrey Hepburn look, any way i arrived at this country house/mansion  huge iron gates, gravel drive way oh my good it was a true family estate peacocks running around the chapel was it the grounds,

Parking area allocated, Helicopter paid marked out, Marquee the size of a big top right down to wooden floor laid down, and me still not fully comfortable with weddings all the fuss pomp ceremony,

So although i has pretty much conquered the fear of the up do i had replaced it with the resentment of the event the ceremony! so i would usually arrive in a pair painters white bib brace work pants or an old aviator flight suit basic casual – work man! why i now wonder ! to carry this irreverence on i would have all my kit in a black plastic bag grab it from car arrive with it the slung casually over my shoulder. [quite dreadful] and really un-professional i did eventually get over rebellion embrace and enjoy the privilege being part of this special day i did  get a camera case for my tools and dress smartly!! in some cases even attended the event with those very special client i would wave the fee as a wedding gift never expected and i loved doing it!

slowly work on the hair to create the look

I would intentionally park in the wrong place, in this case walk towards this monster stately home up the huge stairs at the front no door bell! just about to pound on the door and it swings open! the butler! good morning may i help you, looking down his nose! yes say’s i am here to do Lucy’s hair very well i will inform her you are here the trades man entrance is around the back, Is that your car he then says? yes kindly move it to the allocated car park!

Well now biting my cheek took a little breath and said firstly i am not a trades man i do not do back doors the car is parked so i can get away once done before the wedding starts, so please tell Lucy i am here and she wants her hair done, with that an up stairs window fly’s open and loud voice shouts down my name followed by oh so glad your hear come on up would you like a glass of champers!

So in i go past the butler still looking a tad put out up this huge stair case in these time it was fashionable to slightly different artistic creative yet none conforming so i had a novelty value, So the plan was do the hair of the Bride i tried not to do the bridal party to many heads ! In this instance it was the Up-do but then i had to hang around until the formal part of the wedding was over, and then cut all of her hair off one to shock her friends this was so much about out doing each other bigger and better you know leaving in a helicopter or hot air balloon!

It was also being cut off for the three week beach holiday have to admit she did look better with short hair.

Shape starts to form
different look and shape

The Up-do went quite smoothly fear had been dealt with many practice sessions so it became easy i looked like i was in control yes a big act!

The hair is up make up on i get to help with the dress i forgot to mention hairdressers get away with murder when it comes to dressing the bridal party the thinking being we are all gay, so half naked top less did not really matter i would help get into do up the dress do up buttons  arrange the train.

If a photo session was called for spread out dress for different shots take charge,

This was as i have indicated a huge and formal wedding so photo’s on the stairs in the main hall now with all the staff looking on yes butler too!!ha ha revenge was mine as he admired my work!

shape from texture form

The chapel was in the grounds but i now find out a horse and carriage ride away the guest and the press are all there! Father, Dad, Lord of the manner giving her away nice chatty man but no way is he going to help her in or out of the Carriage with that dress so i now have a new role help her into the carriage load very carefully the long silk train careful not to wrinkle it then  load myself climb in on the floor, Oh yes the only way this works is if i have my head up the brides underskirt well, how to get to know your client and bride ping her garter! the fathers  ask if i am ok on the floor and slightly nervously tells me how great full  he is for my assistance yes i assure him that i am fine it’s not every day i get to put my head up a brides skirt!

Lucy giggles ! I asked  how do you think the groom would be if he knew i had my head up the dress of his soon to be wife! ha ha

well we got to the church the door is opened foot man opens the door ! the step folded down i appear from under the dress the press taking pictures help the bride down spread out the train the and formality of the this splendid event returns , but for a brief time in that carriage it was funny we were equal drawn to together by the event and the situation, she looked amazing.

finally a shape that works for me and the Bride.

The rest of the day went with out a hitch i hung around had a walk in the grounds i don’t do weddings i was always invited as a guest but hey i am doing a job and being paid very well paid so would not cross the line of business and pleasure maybe why i never dressed for the event!

The time came the dress came of the hair came down and i had 20 mins to cut all her hair off into a funky sort wash and go look hair flew all over the room nothing like audience to encourage you to through hair around we went from half way down her back to maybe 2inches in a very short space of time, again all done what a transformation she now puts on her going away suit all done , just as she is leaving to rejoin the reception i get a big hug a kiss and many many thanks your amazing oh and send Daddy the bill won’t you!!

I’m on my way another wedding another day another story, the butler opened the door as i left with my plastic bag of tricks and the car is still out front! a good day.

So with planning fear can be over come and for me with a bit more time embracing and enjoying the event the brides special day for it was not about me it is and was about the bride her day!

In my case now my daughters big day maybe this day was what it’s all been for, experience,

I have on a number of occasions become close friends of a bride and it would be fitting to give her as a wedding gift my time and service as my thank you for her support over the years, for me these gestures make what we do so worth while,  A long way from the hairdresser rebel!

I have very much enjoyed re living this day and sharing it with you,

Mike B2MR


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