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09 Sep


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As stylist we are in a very unique position we wear so many different hats. We are Solution solvers, Problem fixers, trend setters, highly skilled communicators, all of this comes under one huge umbrella we are in the business of offering the highest standards of Service skill and educated knowledge as possible. clients come for service for an experience you are responsible for this experience and Service.

With this in mind as are Image consultants should we not dress represent our selves project a well polished image that says this is me how can i help you ! the key here is that first impression.

How we look, how we dress, how we introduce our selves, we communicate, how confident we are, We are the product. We our what we do. We are projecting this aura of confidence professionalism, Skill and caring.

So the question is at what point do we forget this?

We all do from time to time it’s so easy to slip into a comfort zone and forgetting about appearance and behavior not putting on our game face projecting our very best,

Why this topic the other day whilst out wondering around Canterbury Kent Uk. people watching day dreaming i noticed three members of staff  standing out side the front door of a hair salon Smoking!

Not my job to judge on smoking apart from to say however many mints however much perfume you spray on the smell still lingers. to some clients this can be a big turn off.

game face show time

Back to the plot as i watched three three out side the front door  i was drawn to how they looked hair makeup, dress how they carried and project them selves very mixed in age sadly the over all package was cheap and certainly did not say this is a happening place i should go in check it out grab a card quite the opposite tacky note to self avoid! how sad is that!

As stylist our hair says this is who i am but also this is what we as a salon can do, so when it’s over processed it really is not a good advert. likewise when we see individuals with a look that just does not work be it because of weight, age, poor dress sense, just a bad job should we not consider this on our selves as much as for our clients?

I don’t have a problem with weight age or dress sense what i do have a problem with is not making the best of what we have projecting the best look possible.

As stylist if we cannot do this for our selves how can we expect the paying client to take us seriously

Image is key remember we are you are the product!

I have been in salons where a stylist had post cards and personal pictures stuck all around her work station folded faded creased tacky! another salon someone was collecting pop cans they were piled high all along the work surface, a trolley with a dirty towel on it when i lifted the towel a layer of hair had built up from the clipper head quite disgusting, In this instance i was invited back to teach a razor class, I declined why? because it was dirty and unprofessional. so in this instance the impression they projected  influenced my decision not to return.

A none busy salon with staff standing around looking bored is not good we all know this but first impressions really are so important we only get to make that first impression once.

Hygiene be it personal or in the salon say so much about us and our business, a great team builder is to have regular staff hair do nights treat each other as clients discuss looks, discuss condition past colouring what is possible given said condition, it’s team building but also promoting each others skills, it’s promoting the salon as a place where image and style are important a happening place,

back stage @show

Your work stations and trolleys loaded with many half used products not  a good look, only use and have on display the products you intend to use on any one clients it personalises your service looks tidier and more professional.

It is the responsibility of all staff to maintain both personal and indeed work place appearance, If you need to do your hair before work get there in enough time to do so same with make up or setting up your work station, when you day starts you are at your best looking your best.

Life is a play we are not the directors or producers just players. each new day each new client is an interaction in another scene in the play of the day the script unknown the cast often unknown to each other but at the end of the day the play is over each scene was a success , why because you looked and played your part you were organised. each and every day a new play for us actors the salon is our stage best we know r part whatever the script!

me just being!

This may bore you i’m sure we all know this stuff but by the same thinking we all forget we all get complacent from time to time we need to take a look in the mirror and just have a personal review of how we look, feel, act  call it a personal inventory,

It is by taking the time to do this we stay ahead of the game we are in a better head space, our work life is better our relationship with others be it staff owners managers clients is better why.

Simply because we feel and look good having personal goals setting targets are all key to success but remember the key is

We, You are the product,  for it to sell it has to look it’s best , be guaranteed to work, you are the product others want and need?

we are camellias at  the end of the day we can just be!

mike B2MR


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