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13 Sep


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What is the ultimate in Salon service:

It has to be that balance that blend of exemplary experience when Service, knowledge and expertise come together,

Why do clients return why do the recommend you to family and friends they want to share something that for them was very special. That thing you do every time you interact with another client who has an appointment with you that special way you take time to listen advise have that honest consultation that time we take to make our client feel special for that time our job our goal is to make that client feel that they are treated allowed to feel very special. you have an opportunity to do this to offer this unique experience to every client you have every day.

This can be quite demanding some might say draining so remember it’s not about the number of clients you do in a day  its about the service and standard take care if these and you will be busy and booked every day.

It really is that easy concentrate on the service the experience recommendation return business will automatically follow. value your time and the standard of what you do and charge accordingly value for money is a great job well done with amazing service.

This only goes wrong when we get greedy and complacent over book, leading to keeping clients waiting, take short cuts, not repeating the same standard of service all the time.

My experience was that i would do the same number of people a day every day i would not fit clients in ever, this was always made clear in a first consultation of course clients will try and get you to fit them in they may say but i special remind them they are they are a special as all the other special clients. Then you can add so you see you cannot have some more special than others you have to all be special together.

Remember this you fit a favored client in then some time in your day some one gets short changed kept waiting? I also had a 15 min rule later than that and you would have to re-book why? well after 15 minutes the next client will be kept waiting or the standard of what is being done will be compromised once clients know and understand this you have created a level of respect. you will never lose clients over having boundaries and maintaining service.

For the record my business was fully booked weeks in advance i never advertised it was word of mouth only, my business was technical Colour or Colour correction i only ever did three appointment’s a day i only cut hair with razors so quite unique never evenings never week ends all my choice in my own effort to strike a work life balance, something important to me and quite challenging as i am by nature quite an obsessive person and can very easily forget that work life balance,

I was however also a platform artist and educator so had other commitments but always kept clients fully appraised of my away times and schedule for up come shows and training events.

Clients love like to tell friends they have a stylist who travels educates what it really shows is that you are involved in your profession.

I have been reading a book called Double you Salon success  written by Karen Lynch. she compares the service we give what we do with how the client see’s this same experience.

After 35 years in this industry i still found it a good  gentle reminder that what we do what we offer how we present and perform our skills are for a client an overall package of the experience.

interestingly this equates to 20% our skill knowledge 80% the Experience yes the service.

We are selling an experience offering the ultimate in Service part of this package is out skill and knowledge.

I would highly recommend this book if you are looking to turn a corner with your business your salon your staff would all benefit from this easy informative read.

In closing remember this there is nothing wrong with being in a service industry some may think they are above being servers that it some how degrades that it suggest menial i say this comes from Ego we all like to be served when we go for dinner we remember that very special caring service, this is how we should be remembered this is what will keep us busy booked and clients returning over and over again.

It is also my belief that we should strive to have a balance between providing the Ultimate Service pampering experience skill and knowledge raising the bar on standards of training knowledge and skill can only serve to increase the whole experience the overall standard thus improving business the work environment and most importantly the client experience

Ultimate service supported with Knowledge, creativity, passion, skill

Mike B2MR


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    June 10, 2011 at 6:12 am

    Thank you I have been involved in the hair industry for quite a long time it’s now time to share give back to others.thanks for the comment
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