Bleaching: lifting Removing Colour

14 Sep


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how not to bleach!

How to Bleach your hair:

A huge topic with so many different answers options variables.

Abovet i found this information for bleaching a head maybe it was put up in jest if that was the case it’s in bad taste and dangerous in content or lack there of.

If not in jest then very dangerous if taken seriously by some one.

So lets look at it in a little depth:

Step one suggested supplies.

I would suggest for an on scalp bleach an oil bleach rather than a powder. {why} powder bleach is harsh on the scalp, has a tendency to dry out creating patchy lift.

Oil bleach mixed with booster will give even lift and will not dry out. { Do not mix with any higher volume of peroxide than 20vol} Skin test and possible stand test is advisable.

*If a virgin application start at the ends  work up to roots, the roots will always lift the fastest.

*If a re-application try not to over lap re-growth application over hair already bleached.

*If trying to lift out one fashion shade to apply another go carefully don’t just slap bleach all over remember this hair has already been lifted so is fragile.

As i said many variables to lift out residue of old fashion shade try Clarifying shampoo or a bleach bath Shampoo bleach washed through and worked into hair. {if doing this stay with it constantly watching}

If making up a cocktail to lift old shades out try.

*1/2 oz Clarifying shampoo.

*1oz      Water.

*1oz       20 vol peroxide {or cream developer}

*1 oz      powder bleach.

Apply to clean towel dried hair, work through on area needing lift for 5 to 10 mins. watching all the time wash out rinse thoroughly.

Got side tracked as is aid huge topic, foil is not advisable for an all over application some schools of thought advocate heat, i do not!

The biggest heat loss in the body is through the head so why not use this if heat is required a plastic bag over the application with suffice. { heat only seems to speed up the process but given that the formulation for lift is dependent on the volume of peroxide chosen why rush it’s a process}

Lets Touch on second stage mix powder bleach until creamy!

How informative is that!  normally direction and mixing instruction come with products they need to be followed, the goal is to get the correct mix of lifting agent to peroxide.

With powder bleach normally 1-part Bleach decolourizer powder to 2-parts peroxide but follow each products instructions:

No Mention of Gloves!!

[as stated on scalp no more than 20 vol}

example of colour home kit  contents on right oil base with boosters:

below on left natural level  on right lift attained

I recommended oil bleach this comes with a bottle of liquid+sachets of powder you can mix one or two sachets or boosters with the correct amount of liquid. mix together until a gel then add the recommended amount of peroxide mix thoroughly.

Another option for removing  some of the fashion shades is Colour remover it works very well but i must state that some of the fashion shades really stain  heavy build up of staining can cause problems.

Although not intended as a fashion colour remover

Colour B4 to remove build up of fashion colours (it isn’t supposed to do this) however I am finding it does.  I think much of this is to do with the whole process more than the hydrosulphite reducing the pigment size (which it cannot do on non oxidative pigment).  By the time they get to the buffer stage it seems to wipe the hair clear of the fashion colour.  Of course some colours can really stain bleached hair, but this seems to happen more with permanent colours rather than temporary ones.

So colour remover B4 available over the counter at Boots could help with build up of shades and be more gentle or another option for you.

So having removed all this old colour build up and got an even level of lift  without frying the hair to bits it’s time for re application of the new shade: How not to do it on the right any colour running onto the Blonde bleached hair will grab the colour,

Any Multi colour running bleeding into each other will create a mess so be patient

Oh Finally Gloves at all times!!!!!

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