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20 Sep


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Do you own a salon employ staff maybe have chair rental, are you the manager of such an establishment?  are you an employee, do you rent a chair. so many question so many options!  I raise this topic as platform to discussion.

Still focusing on service the salon experience but looking at it from a different angle i would like to do this in the order as above.

As a salon owner and employer how do you set a good example how do you employ the right staff how do you create the environment that projects ambiance that looks amazing yet has the right level of efficient  professional service a place that is welcoming creative filled with highly skilled passionate caring stylists.

Are you an owner who works in your salon if so hands on you can pretty much set the tone and are responsible for all of the above quite a lot  to carry on ones shoulders.

So do you have a manager?

If so this has to be a partnership that works give take listen support each other. As a manager you get to not only over see many aspects of the running of the salon but you are also directly responsible for staff employment moral and most importantly service standards knowledge and education.

If you allow Chair rental how do you control theses stylists when they are paying you rent? how many do you want on a rental agreement how do you attract them, what hours will be covered by them how do you manage this when they are in business of running a mini business within your business.

What support service do you offer them how do you have an influence on the standard the service they offer to have a business totally reliant on Chair rental especially if you are not active as a stylist in your own salon or have an understanding of our industry the salon dynamics is quite a risk.

As someone renting a chair what do you get for your monthly fee?what are your expectations? you and you alone are your business, no owner or manger to blame if things are not going well!

Most stylist who go into a chair rental situation are well established in many cases resent the salon owner who is making a mint out of your work from you and your client’s Chair renters are not typically team players nor do they want to start their own business.

As a renter you still need to be able to have a relationship with the salon owner  you are also responsible for retaining maintaining and bringing in new business providing your working stock, being on time, offering that personal service

Then the things that cross over come to mind does salon owner provide any services in the form of help assistance? Do they keep a level of retail products, do they provide a receptionist to book greet clients, do they offer any help with regard to book keeping your personal business management!

These are all things to consider things that cut into that i just want to do hair and keep 100% of the take it can be quite complex.

Insurance both personal third party liability who is responsible for this? It would be my  suggestion both parties are responsible why? One as owner  providing the salon a place for clients to come to the stylist as the one performing the tasks applying the products taking a fee, both should be covered how is this dealt with?  much to consider.

With all these different examples of in salon situations one thing is inherent the need to communicate the need to work together the need to create the best environment and standard of service to retain clients. a  healthy codependent relationship built on trust understanding and striving for a common goal stability and business success.

lots to consider what are your thoughts and views?

Mike B2MR


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