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21 Sep


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I don’t know how many salons colleges academy’s  i have visited over the years and have had cause to watch what others are doing.

I often wonder what is going through the mind of a hairdresser as they section off ahead or pick up their sections and start cutting, it also amazes me when doing that six week maintenance trim how little some take off or how little effect what they are doing will have to both restore shape or really get rid of those split ends and help the condition.

As we have talked about before it all starts with a consultation this is your time to listen and advise but you should also be looking at the shape you have it front of you,

If it’s a return visit of a client be honest with your self how’s it looking how’s it grown out? ask the question have you been able to manage it have you enjoyed it has it been easy to style?

But really you should know after 6 weeks if it was a good job should it for the most part still not have shape and style?

Over the years i have seen many things styles that look bad leaving a salon styles you know will look bad the next day shapes or lack their of! so why do we do this? how can we improve?

A hair style a hair cut be it done with a pair of scissors, shears, texture rising scissors not to mention a razor or by one of the many techniques we have available to us slide cutting castle layering exists to some degree or another in all cuts.

How quickly after qualifying when we start working in the salon does shape form go out the window! I see stylist chatting away about their holiday whilst diving in taking a section on the crown and snip  weight line decided in an instance!! what ever happened to building a shape working with the way hair grows!

Consider this it’s not the shorter you cut the top the more height you will get hair will not defy the laws of physic’s, i see hair cuts so over layered any length left is so thin and life less it’s of little use wings that would look good on a jumbo jet! short haircuts that just don’t lie correctly because no consideration was given  to the hair line hair growth ! hair will always return to how it wants to lie, Fringes [bangs in North America] why cut one if some has a huge cowlick!! da

By now your saying not me who is this guy to judge and you are correct , it is not my job or place to judge but come on you know who you are and going on the hair walking down the street a lot of this goes on .

How can we change improve well of course education classes but just take some time think about shape and form think about weight distribution. instead of just starting to cut just comb the hair see how it falls see how waves move look at the hairline growth pattern think about shape visualise the shape you want to create try and see it as a three D image yes it possible.

If after discussion you don’t think a length a look will work speak up your the professional why cut a line on a women who does not have much of a neck line that makes her look like a Trog!!!

I have a blog coming up soon on razor cutting a personal favorite of mine having not used scissors in over 15 years for anything, having said this the same rules apply for creating shape and texture as a method it allows for cutting with less root tension so much softer  it working with hair as it want to lie but one can still cut and create a perfect blunt Bob with just a razor! so watch out for this posting it will touch on shape and form weight distribution texture all key to success.

I will be posting it in conjunction with a launch of a razors with a company great for scissors razors and shears well worth checking out.

I hope that this pushed some buttons and maybe raises the bar  Thanks MikeB2MR


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