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28 Sep


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How do we respond to the issue’s and demands that face us in today’s salon how do we get that edge how can we compete and attract new business and indeed retain our existing client base how many new clients come through our door only to leave never to be seen again? maybe instead of constantly trying to attract new business we should concentrate on the business we have.

Well we have been looking into the topic of Service that ultimate salon experience:

This by definition is a total package of pampering making our clients feel very special affording a very unique standard of service this can be the environment created the atmosphere furnishing image all key to this experience.

This being said we must not detract from importance education knowledge and communication all the tools required for the ultimate consultation,  In so many cases the consultation is either very short rushed none caring uninformative.

It does not matter how much time energy and money are committed to the visual the comfort level the service the overall  experience if the  package is not supported by honest caring hands on service from a knowledgeable stylist.

The consultation should be your time to shine but it’s also your time to connect with your client  make them feel at ease discover the issues the history of the their hair what brings them to you.

Discover what you can do for them how you can take a journey together to reach there desired goals discuss condition, image, look find out what makes your client comfortable putting people at ease yet taking control comes with experience assure them that everything is possible it just takes time patients and a game plan.

I read one comment that suggested turn the conversation to what they client needs and wants! how can we do this if we do not take the time to discover who they are  and what those needs and wants might be! we have to take the time to ask all the right questions and listen to the response, it’s not about us or what we think is needed it is up to us to discover unlock those inner needs, a skill of patients and asking the right questions it is my experience that women do know what they want sometimes by finding out what they don’t want we get an idea of a direction to move toward. so the skills we need go far beyond those of just wanting to do hair. to truly succeed we need to be skilled and versed in so many fields communication public and human relations.

I also think that it’s very important to touch on the topic of boundaries we cannot please every client we cannot take the same journey with everyone, sometimes after a consultation we just know that this is not going to be a fit have the courage to say you don’t think this will work trust me when i say you get more respect and it will not effect your business to have clear and defined boundaries.

It is not failure to not get involved it is failure to let your EGO say i can deal with this rather than admitting it’s not a fit and adviser maybe a different stylist or salon.

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