Growing your Business:

07 Oct


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Growing and developing our Business:

How do we do this without investment ? what do we invest in? what do we expect to see as our return on investment? how do we decide?


So many thoughts and questions :

Are you like so many your salon is a good steady business but you feel it could be more, It has so much potential if only.

We had a higher profile!

If i could attract another really good stylist!

if we had more client retention?

If overall sales were higher.

stylist demand so much  commission ,chair rental,

How do you reach these goals these targets how do you decide on a path to reach your goals is it possible?

The answer is a very big yes but sometimes you are so much part of the salon and so part of the issues you cannot step back a look at things in a new and different way.

With over 35 years in this industry my goal is to help advise and get you to that next level is it a journey you want to take?  then lets connect. lets see if we can work together for like a client stylist relationship it has to work are you up for a challenge.

If so all my contact details are and brief bio on my web site:


Lets get you on a new road lets take a journey together.

Mike B2MR


Research material books that offer sound and helpful advise


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