Training and then what?

12 Oct


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Time for Action:

You have completed your training been through college or an academy done an apprenticeship maybe you are in your early years of working in a salon starting to get experience in being part of a team working with the public getting an understanding of the service industry,

Most importantly learning about people and understanding how to listen to them the art of consultation. communication.

You have trained for this new chosen profession worked hard so why do so many new stylist to the industry leave become disillusioned or stay with it but with resentment and anger.

What next is the world really your Oyster ? Can you really make it big can all your dreams come true happiness wealth success? or what ever else you dream of attaining! what is the key.

The one and only answer is you and you alone can either put in the work be honest with your self about your ability your passion, what you are prepared to do to succeed possibly excel above others to have that edge.

So you can either blame others for poor training blame your self for not pay attention or be really honest with your self and enter into a program of self discovery and skill improvement.

A journey to improve your hands on skills  lean how to understand what true service is put ego aside invest in your self and your future. become fully booked successful and enjoy your career get the rewards that hard work commitment attention to detail can afford you.

The biggest change of career for young stylist comes in the first three years after training graduation this is a sad waste of talent skill training time and money.

It does not have to be this way with professional help and guidance you can succeed establish your self as a highly qualified expert in the hairdressing industry.

As a stylist maybe you are struggling making a living but bored uninspired feel like each day  is just a repeat of the previous if this is you then you need help need to have a inspiration goals target a formulation to turn things around and succeed.

If this is you we should talk work together come up with a workable realistic plan to get you on a road to success.

With over 35 years of experience what ever you needs and requirements what ever skills you need to improve on a program to work from and with can be designed, call it personal coaching.

Are you Interested i would very much like an opportunity to work with individuals small groups or salon’s in so many cases stylist fail salon’s fail through fear of asking for help and guidance don’t let this be you.

Fear and Ego are not your friend fear is only a fear until faced then it falls away lifted and can move forward face new challenges.

So often we forget the the little things those simple things that make a difference we lose or forget why we entered in to the world of Hairdressing fashion style, we forget how to talk communicate all fundamental but how easy to forget. it’s time for a refresher !

The above link is just that an easy read that could very well change your life change how you do things  how you look at things the very essence of what drive s and motivates you ! now that could be worth a read.

As step by step guide to increased success increased sales that easy! no quite you have to do the work!

Mike B2MR


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    June 10, 2011 at 6:30 am

    yes it’s great fun and a good way to learn new skills and connect with others.MikeB2MR

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