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15 Oct


Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience a place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related. copy right pending.



Salon International is a few days away:


I am looking forward to going to the show meeting some of the wonderful people that i have had the good fortune to net work with over the last months.

Sharing knowledge and information promoting products and businesses that work to serve us with in our industry is for me what this is all about.


I strive to share my knowledge and experience with others to encourage those new to our industry to get well trained and stay focused and learn all there is to learn about our profession.


I constantly write about the importance of salon service the art of the consultation, being educated on the hair colours the chemistry of these products are constantly being changed  we are told improved in some cases i think it’s to early to know.


I am really pleased with the new look to the blog site and the links we have manged to make both with my own groups and media pages and the companies that now allow mutual promotion and sharing.

In the past weeks some disturbing press has been written about some of the new products available to us as stylist.

It is so important that we get all the facts on these products both for our own personal safety that of our team mates and indeed our clients. no all of the companies supplying these new wonder products fully disclose all the relevant information chemistry or effects of these products, it is up to all of us to share  with each other comments reviews effects results of these products.

With the Internet and so many site allowing sharing we can stay informed we can net work we can monitor these products we can make the companies become more transparent in disclosing product content and any possible side effects.


Lets all enjoy salon international but lets all start to ask deeper questions let become more educated more informed.

Its all part of the service the service we offer the service we give. can i help you with this?


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