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18 Oct


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Salon international:

Set with a back drop on the heart of London and sitting dock lands salon international kicked off over the past week end.



I went along on Saturday having been absent from it for a number of years as i was living in Canada and as a an artistic team member for both Vancouver based Avantgarde and for L’anza Canada  i had the good fortune to be involved in many stage show and doing platform work.

So i was quite excited to revisit Salon international to my surprise the big stands seemed to be for the promotion of the the new Keratin products all making different claims about their product the results one could obtain and it’s safety, The guys on the Brazilian system informed that Formaldehyde was at a safe level for the uk market but they would be removing it by December so safe but not so safe.


I think Habia and the HJ had great representation looked really professional did a great job I was a little surprised how little information or demonstrations there were on hair colour techniques or products, not even much on all the new ammonia free colours.

So much choice when it came to Scissors shears razors it seemed like every stand was trying to sell the latest greatest!

I think that more focus should have been given to the show Hair fashion music the look the a real hair -fashion show visually exciting showing techniques look trends.

As always at these events Vidal Sassoon project exude professionalism vision excitement Toni and guy always manage to push the bar higher with there edgy looks and attitude.

It’s not about trying to create a new look because in so many cases the looks have been done created before but sharing how to create them maybe develop them this is what excite and gets stylist talking wanting to try, maybe mastering some up do techniques.

Selling scissors razors why not have more cut demonstrations? all just thoughts overall a great show but slightly lacking in content, top much sales.


I have written over the past weeks a number of warning and concerns on the topic of the Keratin products relaxing De-frizzing qualities and how safe they are when heated to high temperatures with hot styling irons and the issues around the fumes.

I came across one person at the show happy to talk about the safety aspects of her product and not trying to market it as a hair straightening product. Lorraine Rose took the time to explain the source of her product and how they worked with a genuine professional knowledge of the hair market. the source of her Keratin being derived from an animal source the other main ingredient being amino acids, proteins.

I’m not sure if the web site is up yet but  if your considering one of the keratin products then this may well be worth further investigation L’ KERABELLE  having not tried it myself i cannot nor would i endorse it. as i always say the key is to investigate ask many questions before committing. know all the facts ask for a demonstration. and talk with salons already using any product.

For past reviews and indeed health warnings go to past blogs and links via my web site:


All in all a fun week end that i found quiet reflective but i hope everyone enjoyed it.

I know how hard everyone works at these events so well done to you all the stylist the presenters all those hard working assistants and of course models with out a model you don’t have a show

Mike B2MR


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