Changing times in the Salon:

19 Oct


Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience a place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

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Owning a salon, working in a salon, being a part of a team,  maybe renting a chair, having your own little business a home salon, mobile stylist.

All of these are totally respectable avenues to explore within out industry but over the past years thing have changed hugely,

We have responsibility to our selves our work mates our clients to have a full understanding of all matters relating to health and safety legislation governing the safe use and indeed disposal of products keep up to date books and records having qualification, certification, and licenses.

On top of this new products new techniques the challenges of running owning managing a business managing people if quite a lot to deal with.  How do you?


Then their is finding time to reflect on the direction you and your business are going the service you offer the standard of work being done, How often do you take the time to reflect on any of these topic’s in an honest reflective manner?

This book below could help you on a path to success to increasing your business and sales highly recommended as an easy and very insightful look at what we want from our career it could put you on the road to financial success or much much more!



Keeping up with education in our chosen field is so important. Education creates excitement because there is always something new to learn. lose the passion lose the drive.

Education keeps you connected product knowledge is a must nowadays. Clients want to know that the ingredients and formulations are safe and what we recommending for them to use will work and be value for money. we as stylist need to know cause effect understand what we are using and why.
Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook. Twitter. for examples help connect us with others who are inspire to share what works and doesn’t work. Blog site where people share thoughts, opinions reviews,
We have to be aware and have an understanding of changes in the law and regulations pertaining to our profession Now I’m curious to learn more so I’m not putting anyone (client, work mates and myself) in danger. Just because one is certified in a new technique does not mean we have the full picture and trust what we are told  as truth set in stone! law’s and regulation are in constant change the information we are given on products how they work and indeed the effects that that can cause are not always clear but the burden to ask the right questions is on us their are no excuses for not knowing or understanding.

With a little time and patient we can research products read reviews get full insight into the good and bad what works and maybe what does not the more we as stylist share net work and connect the stronger we become its part of giving back sharing your experience strengths, It is my personal  belief that if we know something but don’t share it pass it on then it’s a total waste!

I try to share to promote and sometimes warn i try to communicate with others in our industry and to this ends in the space of 6 months an now net working all over the world with other like minded people in our industry.

At the end of the day it’s up to you what do you want are you prepared to make the changes needed to stay in the now? what are you thoughts want to talk can i help and advise you could we take a journey together share a path for a time yes if your willing and open.

Just pick up the phone send an e-mail connect it’s that easy!


all contact info is on my web site take the time to have a read.


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