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26 Oct


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As our own business owners we often work alone yes we are busy but how often do we interact with other stylists other industry professionals? how current are we? how often we do look in that mirror and say i need to step things up i feel stale i need a refresher?

We all need to do this from time to time but often the demands of day to day life make this impossible.

Why is this?

The skills the techniques the standard of service does not or should not change just because we work alone or in a small team.

Yet in so many cases the need the want to up date stay current gets pushed to the side, the key contributors to this are Ego and Fear. in some cases we can and do convince our selves that we know everything we did our training that’s good enough!

Some times asking for help seeking out advise just sharing with someone else can give you a new out look a whole new focus, It is much easier to do nothing than it is to honestly say i’m better than this i could be so much more.

We all need interaction with others in our field to share idea’s thoughts techniques to net work. to grow to be current.

Now days we can connect on the internet join groups read reviews, get information on shows and education events so much choice!

So often whilst hanging out in my local distributor  mulling over the many different colour charts i end up chatting with stylist trying to decide what product to buy what might be the best product for the job in many cases talking over a situation a specific client issue talking a scenario through helps them come to a decision make a choice and understand what to expect with the process they are embarking upon.

With so many products tools and techniques available to us it’s hardly surprising that we may need a little up date or refresher from time to time.

Be it technical work, cutting techniques, salon service and consultation skills. communication with team members, clients, other industry professionals, all we have to do is seek out the right source of help and advise, be open to structured critical comments advise guidance working with someone whom you respect and feel at ease with will help you to embrace this new exploration investment in your self.

Are you ready to take a new path to invest in your own future, market that product that is you!

Mobile, Freelance, chair renter  be current take those steps to shine and excel be the one in demand  fully booked successful happy and content. all possible.

lets talk ! Mike


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