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29 Oct


Created as a source of advise education knowledge skill experience a place to share thoughts post comments and idea’s on matters relating to hair colouring skill and techniques and anything industry related.

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lets talk razor cutting

What does this mean exactly? For me it’s sharing anything and everything  all those things that we learn and experience along the way. Those things that could save you from a pitfall or at least help you get out of one!


What does it cover anything and everything all that is us all that make us stylist, salon owners, business owners, it covers skill knowledge, both technical and practical, life skills, people skills, business skills.

None of us are perfect none of us know everything but some know more than others, I’m not talking qualifications I’m talking about experience that skill sharing what we have learned along the way.


It is my opinion that however good we are however much we know what ever skills we have if we do not share it pass it on use it to encourage others then what is the point,

To keep it to your self to have bragging rights to crow about how good you were are !! that’s all Ego and a waste of time. Giving back sharing is key to personal growth and greater success.


With all the blogs and articles I post my one goal is to share both experience and skill and knowledge.

I have been so fortunate in all the hairdressing industry has afforded me, the experiences i have had the opportunities i have had,some of the amazing people i have met and worked with.

I would very much like an opportunity to share this with as many stylist as possible to encourage mentor to challenge them to push themselves.

To salon owners to encourage them to work with staff and team members, to share and discuss what a salon is and should be how to get the very best from your en-devours how to offer the highest of standards of service skill to your clients. whilst increasing sales and client retention.


In these challenging economic times having a few skills refusing to constantly assess honestly reflect on how things are is a very dangerous path to walk.

The salon is a place that is unique as are the people who work in it as are the clients we attract, but the list of what a salon is what it has to do to run smoothly is huge.

Appearance, atmosphere, Image, reputation,

Staff, skill education, knowledge, people skill, passion, motivation, service, team players, dedicated. humility. sales through knowledge, respectful, caring

Owner, manager, organisation skill, fair firm, visionary, sympathetic, articulate, people skills driven focused. passionate, knowledgeable,skilled adviser. respectful.caring,

Products: knowledge, sales,  technical skills on how to use products, understand use and application.

Razor cutting colour

These are all parts that together make a salon work and be successful can you tick them all off maybe most but a few need some attention, i think in most cases we would all be able to add to the list but also circle the need attention items,the million dollar question is Do you want to address those weaknesses!!! either as a salon owner or as an individual do you want to invest a little time and little money to reach new levels have higher standards reach new heights.

Tips and tricks is me offering to share with you all that i know and have experienced from Salon ownership and management, to platform work education & sales, artistic team member, successful busy stylist, communication skills, consultation skills, passion drive motivation.

Hands on technical skills from cutting to hair colour to updo’s what do you need help with.

From one on one to small salon groups what are your needs.

Contact me to start investing in your business your self your future.

Mike B2MR



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  1. Mega Lotto Result 6/45

    June 10, 2011 at 4:12 am

    I love blogging and i can say that you also love blogging.”;`;,

  2. mikeb2mr

    June 10, 2011 at 6:00 am

    yes i enjoy sharing knowledge and views with others on atopic i fell passionate about .
    Mike b2MR

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