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Training Skill Motivation:

Can any of us honestly say we know everything you are on top of your game? fully motivated on a daily bases giving your all?

Or like most of us you have off days or are you having more off days than on? is going to work hard work is being at work real work maybe even to the point of resentment?

If you missing that excitement that creative buzz, passion, drive, motivation, then something is missing what could that be?

Well now it’s time to be honest what ever you work situation environment might be Salon, Self employed, in the case of the salon sometimes its so easy to get wrapped up in the moment that training product updates fall the way side.

If you self employed taking the time to invest in your self also gets put to the side normally because of time and money issues then we convince our selves that we are doing ok we are up date it’s so easy for us to make excuses, but at the end of the day we are hurting our selves our business we are also and most importantly letting our clients down standards of service drop.

With new products constantly coming onto the market it’s so important to be informed and knowledgeable both for your own sake and that of your clients.

Keratin hair relaxing products, new Ammonia free colour lines, this would be classed as product knowledge, then skills techniques from colouring to cutting then we have the technical side of the equation the how and why’s sometimes gets neglected.


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Final we have informal seminar’s that are structured to help with salon management, team and staff motivation, Service Consultation and sales.

It is my Opinion that all of the above should be reviewed and although not possible to address all  topic’s at once a plan should be drawn up to keep your business you staff  healthy and strong call it business and personal inventory or attitude adjustment.

Bad habits form slowly over time but fear not, habits can be broken just takes a willingness change a recognition of habit and indeed skill level finally a little work.

It can take as little as three weeks to break habits and start a journey onto a new path of self discovery talent and skill building sharing.


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