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03 Nov


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Health and safety in the Salon :

Not a topic that i really ever thought worthy of writing about! that is until now this really is so very important for it effects us our clients our daily lives.

We are exposed to so many products chemical processes, we breath fumes, we handle products, we apply them onto our clients.

We expose these chemicals to heat be it from dryers to streamers to very hot ceramic irons, how often do we really take the time to think are they safe do i know what reaction may take place can i explain fully what this process is doing to my client

Do i have all the facts all the knowledge and skill to make this safe?

Going back to past topic’s Service is key to success so is safety, as is the consultation for it is through consultation that we get the facts to know if a chemical process might be possible i say might be for we may still have to do skin test and or a strand test.

When i first came across the term COSHH  Control of substances hazardous to health:

I thought here we go health and safety gone wild.

More over legislation by bodies out of touch with the workings of a hairdressing salon.

Having suffered as most stylist have done with skin issues especially when training all day shampooing having breathed in way to many fumes! having coloured hair, highlighted hair, for years without wearing gloves or protection i have to say the regulations make sense.

But so much of it is common sense  I think sometimes we are put off because with all the regulations because they are written and taught to us like we are all idiots.

know the signs

So we have to take control of our safety our clients safety, be sensible about products application and working environment.

Service and safety.

I will attempt to touch on the key issues of safety in the salon but a good guide to own maybe even have in the salon is Hairdressing the foundation NVQ has a great deal of information.

Also great site with so much information on many topic’s

In 1974 health and safety act was born to this day it is continually updated.

For me up dates of health and safety is key especially given the ever changing world of products available to us and how to use them.

With the high heat styling tools and flat irons we have to be aware of the danger from heat damage and also the effects from fumes when Chemistry and heat come together, this can be a danger to stylists and  clients.

Sometimes these effects are not readily noticeable we have to be aware to the danger understand the chemistry the process cause and effect.

Stay current search the internet for products reviews ask questions, be informed for both your sake and your clients: all common sense!!!!!

Heat and chemicals Fumes : breathing, vision,

I have said that service and safety go together so does consultation and safety with out doing a full in depth consultation how do you establish the history of any chemical work done on a clients head? how do you know that it will not cause a heat reaction causing hair to melt maybe even scalp burn.

If this happens you as the professional are responsible question, question, look, touch. if needed strand test. all this come sunder health safety !!!!!

Below a list of topic’s all key to salon health safety, the salon and it’s staff all work together so taking care of the salon making it and maintaining it as  a safe healthy palace is everyone responsibility.

Key roles such as record keeping, regular checks should be carried out by designated staff members.

As a salon owner having your self or a staff member with basic first aid is a good course of action i think everyone should do a basic first aid and CPR course well worth knowing.

Safe disposal of products chemicals old sharp objects:

Work place safety, [wet floors. fire safety, electrical, or gas]

Safe salon environment. protection, storage,

Being environmentally aware.

First aid. Training, procedures,

Health hygiene, infection, sterilisation,

The above list of subjects out lines different areas that need to be addressed the days of owning running a salon or just doing hair from home do not allow for complacency with regard to health and safety and liability issues not knowing is not an excuse when things go wrong or accidents happen!

Stay informed offer the highest standard of service in the safest setting possible.

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  1. guccishoeseller

    March 12, 2011 at 3:11 am

    Superb web site! I will pay out much more attention in your weblog and also bring in this to be able to my personal close friends subsequently. Thanks a ton!

  2. Acne Treatment

    April 28, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Great theme! Where did you find it?

  3. mikeb2mr

    April 28, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    To be honest with you most of it is common knowledge to me having owned salon’s and taught in college one has to be aware of this stuff fine tuning the content with some re search. but most of it is common sense.glad you found it helpful.In our profession being aware of health and safety issues and in-fact having knowledge of products and the chemistry of them has never been more important than know. especially with some of the products we as stylist use.with out thinking about health issues i only try to share what i know.
    thanks for the comment Mike B2MR

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