High Fashion Reds are Back:

08 Nov


cool reds are back

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Reds are hot  back in the center of fashion do we owe a thank you to the

celebrate status of icons such as Cheryl Cole, The exposure of the X factor?

Is it seasonable reds do go in and out of favor but also the type of shade changes with the seasons.

Cool reds or blue reds tend to work better in the autumn and winter months

the hot vibrant shades coppers and bright reds are more summer colours.

When we think of reds their are so many shades to choose from warm even hot reds true reds! Copper shades all the way through to cool blue Mauve reds.

Reds are the Shade that can be the hardest to get to last keep that rich true colour

choosing the correct shade the right volume of Peroxide are all so key to good results using the natural pigment in the clients Hair.

they can and do fade a little

All food for thought? but we also need to consider the formulation for root application the formulation to colour balance.

Hot or bright roots seems to be a huge problem then we also have to consider a formulation for Grey coverage.

With these examples of Red I have tried to show that it is possible to change shade in this case red without damaging or causing stress on the hair.

rich deep copper

As you can see the different shades chosen are all in the same family red, red copper, red brown they all work with skin and eye colour of the model.

great for summer cooler reds for winter

The Key to switching colour and shade is to do it in stages working up and down the shades slowly going from lighter to darker is easy tone on tone, to go Darker to lighter the key is to use the pigment you are lifting don’t try for to many levels at once, remember it’s an ever changing journey not a race. using this method you can constantly suggest new change with compromise.


A colour client will stay with you as long as your doing a great job so take your time explain what’s possible both short term and long ! have fun.

But consider the environment you are working in the history of of previous colour application. consider and plan colour goals for coming months so change is possible with out over processing and or a poor job!

So have fun and enjoy some warmth for the Winter months.

Reds can and do tend to fade the quickest so take care with good products conditioner and keep that rich colour alive.


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