Training education choices challenges:

18 Nov

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With so many options and choices when it comes to training and updating skills  how do you decide where to get the best training the best value for money?


Is it through your distributor and in conjunction with one of the major professional companies?

Is it courses seminar’s

Saving to go see the odd platform artist.

Maybe you just don’t bother you know it all you know enough many stylist have this view done my training don’t need any more.


We should never stop learning and challenging our selves and their are so many avenues to explore not just your hands on skills

What direction would you like to see your career going in.

Platform work, Artistic team member, Technical educator, Salon owner, Teacher, maybe your passion is competition work, maybe something more down to earth successful and busy we all have different goals dreams aspirations.



avantgarde Up do work

What ever it is with help you we can only improve with help and sharing experience with each other

with so many products on the market offering new improved chemistry we must have the knowledge and understanding of them to decide if they are what we want do what we require.

In the economy the challenges of building up a successful clientele are more demanding we have to have a edge we have to be able to justify why what we offer what we do is much better that that home colour application we have to be able to explain why.

We have to have the people skills, the service skills, the consultation skills, the communication skills,

do you have all these are you at your best all the time?

When we see in the new’s for the most part people rate happiness as 5.4 that’s plain sad is your glass half full or half empty we are in the business of filling that glass of helping people feel and look better

can you do you do that?

team work show event


I have spent many years having lots of training my goal is to share that with others who would like to learn and share my experience both technical hands on, but also the personal the people skills the salon skills the things that make clients want to come back the things that make the salon run smoothly a great place to work create and have fun yes fun  hairdressing has to be fun!!


So often we get lost in just trying to busy you should not have to try! If you are on top of your game doing a great job being creative offering great service  you should not have to worry about that appointment book your client retention and so your pay packet.


Having the Skill the knowledge being up to date with products both for professional salon use and retail recommendation , Having an understanding of how over the counter colour works being able to explain this to clients all key to that success. having your NVQ qualification is a great start but it is not enough it’s a starting place a foundation from which to grow

Having a salon  but not staying current not inspiring your team will in the end lead to decent.thinking your busy enough and know everything is frankly dangerous and driven by ‘EGO ‘not a healthy place to be.

This is not a lecture just some honest sharing  some insight from many years in our ever changing ever challenging industry it is driven from wanting to share wanting to see the standards be high remain

high for us all to be professional creative and passionate about our work our profession what is a huge chunk of our lives.

interested lets chat and take a journey together many ways to connect.

Via the web site

Via the Blog


Linked in Professional hairdresser group

Face book B2MR group page


Become a follower become a leader become active!! how do you want to connect?

Mike B2MR



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