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23 Nov

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With more and more poor quality hair products being marketed in some case endorsed by celebrities how can we as stylists get clients back into the salon.

How can we convince the client that over the counter hair colour, straitening relaxers are not all they are marketed to be be it in quality or direction for application!


First and foremost Service, Consultation, educated sales, a book that i have been actively promoting that will really help and guide you is this fabulous refreshing little read.

I am hoping that it will be available in the Uk directly very soon i will advise when this happens.

As stylist we have to have the skill the knowledge the understanding of so many products and hair conditions.

Things that a box cannot advise on yes the consultation the advise the young person in the chemist or drug store cannot give, switching colour over processing condition. choice of colour.

Our mission is to actively communicate in an honest way the positive of salon service the quick fix short sighted results from applying over the counter colour or other products such as some of the much promoted Keratin Relaxing products I have written a great deal on this topic on my blog site and through my professional Liked in Group both can be accessed through my web Site.

The biggest damage done over time is over processing, colour retention fading issues, eventually issues with root colour to mid length and end colour.

down in the dumps
having a bad day?

We have to be able to explain why this happens how we can work with the client to restore condition moisture issues, how and why professional services are of high quality both of skill knowledge commitment and professionalism.

It is in our hands to be educated skilled honest and knowledgeable.

The keys to your success Service, Consultation, skill, Communication, work with a good distributor for quality products service and education up dates of products.

Take the time to look and understand the flood of products in the stores open the box read the directions look at the formulations.



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