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13 Dec

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When it comes to home hair colour.

Just how do we choose. Make the right decision?


When we open a fashion magazine, when we switch on Tv.  We are bombarded with stunning models, all with shinning healthy hair, natural Ammonia free formulations, conditioning colour and all within 10 minutes. So many brands all claiming to have the edge


As a professional stylist, we all have an opinion on home hair colour. The damage that can be done, the mistakes that can be made, the disaster we get to fix.

The consumer does not have this knowledge, they are at the mercy of the advert, the promotion, the colour company claims of youthful ever lasting beautiful hair.

We as stylist owe it to the public. The potential new client to have knowledge and share it.


Their are so many things to take into consideration, when choosing over the counter colour.


For the consumer . So many things to consider, who do they ask for advise? who can they turn to and trust? Us the professional or { The person in the isle re stocking those shelves?} How qualified are they to advise? They are not! We just need look at their hair before asking advise


Things you the consumer need to consider.

1* Your natural hair colour.

2* Do you have colour on your hair now? If so you need to consider. Whether your new choice will work.  Dark to light will not work . Dark to lighter shade of Red will not work!

It is not possible to lift colour with colour .

3* What is the Condition of your hair?

4* Have you been colouring your hair for a long time?

5* How does it feel when it’s wet? Does it mat together? This is an indication of over processing.

6* Consider the history of all applications done.


That Healthy Image.

Does Avocado or Avocado oil really help hair condition? The answer is no. Nor do products that smell of natural perfume extracts from fruits or flowers. You are being sold a healthy illusion via your senses!

Lets look at a young lady. One who decides to brighten her hair, she has seen the adds, the promotions she just wants that gloss, that extra healthy shinny look.

So she goes into the shop. Chooses a shade the no ammonia product, the adds all said this was best.  We have been told in all the adverts, Ammonia free must be good!  Chooses a shade close to her own natural colour takes it home, its a tad messy but when all done she loves the look.

Her hair feels fuller, it’s shinny she look and feels great. Six weeks later. The colour has faded, the hair seems to lack luster, maybe a slight regrowth depending on choice of product.

So it’s back to the shop.  Purchase the same shade again back home re applies once again happy. But notes that the hair does not seem so soft harder to comb through.

Well this carries on. But after maybe three or four application, a root is now appearing after 4 to 6 weeks, the ends as they fade seem lighter slightly orange or gold.{ do we get an ash shade}

So now do we choose a different colour. If we carry on applying the same colour roots to ends the mid length’s and ends will be over processing. Does not say this on the box as a warning of continued  all over colour application.


Think about it. New-growth. Re-growth is hair that has never been coloured. Over processing starts when. The mid length’s and ends have now been coloured a number of times. They become drab, texture changes. Over time, this over processing builds up on the hair. It can and will cause damage. The roots need a different formulation from the hair that has been coloured a number of times.


Symptoms of this build up and over processing are.

1* Hair will feel limp. look dull as it fades.

2* Colour retention gets less and less.

3* When wet washed it will mat together have a rough or caustic feel.



It’s time to take a break, seek professional advise. Conditioning to get moisture back into your hair is key.

From a professional view it’s. Getting moisture back into the hair, get the Ph back to normal.

With many of the over the counter colours, Deposit of the colour pigment can be through. Changing the Ph of the hair, to open the cuticle to stain and partially deposit a fully oxidized colour molecule.

We work with Clients to help and advise. To explain.What has happened and how to work together to fix the issues of condition. Consultation regarding professional products. Discuss goals. So when ready to re colour the correct shade, tone and look can be achieved. A look that will last and look healthy be easy to maintain.


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