Foaming hair colour

05 Jan

Foaming hair colour

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A new product on the market. Like so many to hit the stores marketed in magazines promoted on the TV the New foam hair colour arrives with a great deal of hype. Sadly very little useful information

Easy to apply, little mess, multi dimensional conditioning colour. All any one doing home colour wants to hear. Although initially some good introduction deals are available long term is it a good option?

As a consumer or as a stylist offering advise. We have to know the facts understand the process and have a vision. This applies to any colouring process but is key when making a home colouring choice.

It’s so easy to be taken in by that vision of. Shinning, healthy, vibrant hair colour. Having any colour we want easy to maintain and so easy to switch colour, brown to red onto blonde.

But is this really the case? Is it really that easy? Is it really that good?

We have to look at this using two examples:

The first example would be for hair that has never been previously coloured. In this case with a little care and attention and careful choice of colour you should be fine.

The things to consider in this instance are. Natural hair colour and level, depth and tone you hope to get.

If going darker consider this. You don’t need to lift your hair to go darker, Semi or Demi permanent would work without having to go full on permanent colour.

Permanent hair colour will lift your own natural hair level exposing warmth this has to be taken into consideration when choosing colour. As soon as you lift your hair in this colouring process using a permanent colour you will have a root or re-growth issue to be considered.

If you are new to hair colour have a professional consultation get advice be informed.

I always suggest using the least chemistry possible as you venture into the world of hair colour.

Second example previously coloured hair:

This is where it get interesting. Many things to consider, you need to be honest about expectations goals.

If dark wanting to go lighter. You cannot lift colour with colour. If you have roots /regrowth with previously coloured hair, then you must consider two things that don’t get mentioned on the box.

Firstly the application for the roots they need to be lifted to the level of mid length and ends. Remember this when choosing shade warmth will come into the equation.

Secondly the biggest mistake made with any home hair colour. Be it foaming colour or another colour product over processing. This is caused by the formulation and application of the chosen hair colour product. Hair that has been previously coloured does not need a permanent formulation on it. Over time this will cause over processing, poor colour retention, condition issues. This can and will result in drab lifeless colour and hair appearance.

Short term the colour will look feel and be fine but over application will cause issues. also the more you apply the more you will  have to change colour choice to compensate for the pigment and tones exposed through long term over processing and lifting of the hair.

Think about this if using a foam all over colour or any permanent hair colour as an all over application. If it’s lifting your roots as you apply it must be lifting the hair previously coloured so you have two different issues but only one formulation. How can this be a good thing? professional colourist should apply different formulations to address these two issues.

All in all home hair colour on the surface seems like a good and indeed cheap option but long team use will create un-forseen problems with both condition and colour retention.


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