The Hair Salon: A challenge to stylist’s

07 Jan

The Salon: A challenge to stylists

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What are the greatest challenges to stylist and salon owners and managers?Building up and retaining clients, having that trusting relationship built on skill honesty creative talent! Oh and Service.

As stylists we can so easily get caught up in being busy staying busy slightly over booking that we forget what is really important. The client. The service. The consultation. The after care advice and so sales.

Over the years I have come to realize that all of the above points are key to success. They are also the main things we as stylist’s forget, take for granted, they are the things we need to stay on top of, make part of our daily routine when working with our clients.

Challenging our selves to make changes into how we work, how we interact with our clients is not as an easy thing, to take a long hard look in the mirror and being honest about what needs maybe a little help some adjustment.

I recently wrote a topic about Investing in ones self here is the link

This topic was one I very much enjoyed writing but i have to admit it was inspired by Karen Lynch

Author of Double your salon Sales.

This little book is a real Gem readily available in the USA and soon to be in the Uk it offers advise, asks questions, It challenges you to make changes and shows you step by step how to make them.

It covers everything we do, the daily situations that are presented to us daily.

In this book, Karen will cover all you need to do to make changes, she challenges you to follow her step by step to realise your full potential become truly successful.

Karen Lynch Double your salon success

My review of Karen’s book.

In writing Double Your Salon Success, Karen Lynch shows she has a true understanding of the hairdressing world. She reveals the very essence of what makes for success by identifying the combination of service, consultation and sales that are needed to grow and be current. This book encapsulates so much of what we as stylists forget or take for granted. As Karen shares with us Pamela and Skye’s journey, she takes us on a roller coaster ride from start to finish. She reveals their struggle to make their dream a reality which is at times frustrating and emotionally upsetting and at other times exhilarating. As we read, we think “hey, that could be me; that is so right; what a great idea.” From start to finish, this book is a thought provoking and entertaining read that will leave you wanting to take the challenge to walk a new path to success.

The things we do define us. It’s these things that motivate, and inspire us. Question who you are, what you do, what really empowers you. The challenge is to ensure you have the right knowledge and tools to feel empowered. That feeling of positive affirmation will help you take charge and live your dream.

Courses, be they technical, hands on, shows, or demonstrations, are all very worth while.

However the real motivator is being creatively challenged, getting excited, having fun at work and in your life.

The real key to this is The service we offer. Our communication and consultation skills. Honesty when giving advise on after care and sales.

Its this book that raises the questions, offers the answers, Karen has a finger on the pulse of our industry. It happens that with all my years of experience all that this industry has challenged me with given me, showed me, all this has proved that service, consultation, skill and communication are the key tools we all need to have.

Being able to put one’s Ego aside and having the right level of humility we can all challenge our selves constantly striving to grow and help others to attain higher levels.

As we start into a new year start in with a new and different approach to work to your clients to life.

Mike B2MR


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