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13 Jan


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We live on a huge planet and yet it’s so small, In so many cases the day today issues we have in the salon with our clients are unilateral.

Service offered, standards of skill, education, training, staffing client retention.

Over the last months whilst working to build up an internet presence and indeed Net work. I have had the good fortune to connect with some wonderful like minded motivated true professional.

What amazes me is two fold. One the ease of communication on a global scale. With E-mail,  text, Skype, video.  It is now possible to by pass the time zones and share thoughts, idea’s, net work. share a vision on a international scale.

It is very apparent to me that some of the huge issues that exist here in the UK within our Industry are alive and well every where.

These are things that can be, very destructive if not honestly addressed. They can erode team spirit, contribute to ill feeling, be the cause of self esteem issues. These are the things that if not addressed can reflect in ones personal and work life. In the long term it will effect the quality of the work you produce.

What are they? Fear and Ego. Ego feeds and protects fear causes resentment, it really is unhealthy and very destructive. You may not be aware of this but it can cause issue with owners managers staff mates and interaction with clients! Yikes.

Dealing with it takes honesty and strength.  Reaching out asking for help and support from others,take seven greater strength.

It is my opinion that these two flaw’s are the biggest danger to personal and so your salon growth.

If your prepared to do the work by reaching out and being honest, Then take a look at the list below take a long hard look then put pen to paper!  It’s an honest self, looking inward getting to the bottom of who we are, what we do, why we do it.

1.  Know what happened to us.

2.  Know how we felt as it happened.

3.  Understand the legacy of those experiences:  the ghosts, the monsters, and the demons.

4 Come to understand what it is that we want now.

5.  Finally answer the question:  Do I have the courage to do what is necessary to make it all work?

No rush, It’s a journey but getting past the demons of Fear and Ego. Will I promise help you become a better person a better stylist, more content, with the healthy degree of humility and understanding.

Why did, how did this topic come up?  By having a open honest conversation about issues that arise in the salon self esteem, image, communication, consultation ability.

We all need to constantly work on all of these sort of self adjustment self assessment on what needs a little attention, are you up for this? in the end it’s up to the individual.

Be advised if you are reading this and saying that’s not me! I don’t need this what a load of rubbish. Sadly the Chances are you really do need to do this. It’s huge you have to be ready to be honest.

Its my new year challenge. Understand who you are, then you can understand others with a new fresh out look.

Challenging ones self.  As well upgrading personal skills, raising standards, being honest about. The service you offer, your communication and consultation skills.

A big help with this would be to read and use this wonderful book as a tool.



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  1. beauty

    January 14, 2011 at 12:09 am

    I really liked your blog! It helped me alot…

  2. mikeb2mr

    January 17, 2011 at 11:15 am

    Thank for comment and glad it helped check out my web site and links
    Mike B2MR

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