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21 Jan

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The hair Salon and stylists. We all know that the hair industry has many different bodies watching over it supervising it. It has a standard of training that dictate reaching certain levels of  government training standards NVQ. We have academies we have trained teaching professionals, or so we are told.


We have a wealth of young people attracted to our industry. They have high expectation. They are lead to believe that they can be very successful in some cases reach celebrity status. Sadly this is not always realistic, fee’s and standards of training can be questionable. The motives and goals driving some of these schools does not always have the trainees best interests at heart.

This being said my question and one i hope to explore in the coming is. Why do standards vary so much from salon to salon? Why is the skill level so varied? Why does so much badly done hair wonder the streets!

My goal is to go into some salons discuss and report on this. Share a true and real version of how stylist see their industry. what their expectations are.


When wondering around my local area. I often take time to look into the salon’s I pass. It’s a habit caused from many years in our industry and a natural inquisitiveness. The questions i always ask my self are as follows:

Is it inviting? Does it say hey worth a look? Does it have kerb appeal?  You see it’s all about image and first impression you only get to make that once.

For me the big no no’s are. Staff standing in and around reception, chatting amongst themselves. Standing out side the front door smoking !!! A window so full of products you cannot see in. In many cases if you have a window work station make sure. The person using the chair is projecting everything that says who you are,what you can do.It’s a stage.

Decor,Street appeal. Image to be totally honest, so many places look a little sad and little neglected. Sadly the staff look the same, Yes they go to work they do their job, But it’s just that a job.

It should be so much more it’s time for some honest reflection it’s time to make some changes are you ready?

These changes can be in Image. Appearance both salon and staff. Attitude. Service. Consultation. Clients get excited by change and improvements. This leadership from owners managers will lead to staff becoming more involved and committed it can and should be a exciting time.

It’s all about style Image

We work in fashion we create image. Project that when you get ready for work, You don’t go out partying on Friday night looking anything but your best, So why would you not apply the same attention to presentation of ones self when going to work?

It’s all about. Image that first impression.Be it salon or self

So to be followed up on in the coming weeks! Mike B2MR

useful tool to help make those changes. A real gem of a read!


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