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31 Jan

Welcome to BACK2MYROOTS B2MR regular postings of fresh new topic’s

To follow Join in add comments the above sights will also in time enable purchase of all the material and on line support offered by Salon Success.

Many Thanks Mike B2MR


GET OFF THE SALES ROLLERCOASTER is your first step to achieving consistently high salon sales.

You have way more control than you realise when it comes to managing and retaining your clients -follow every step in this book and get off the sales rollercoaster.

From increasing sales through your appointment book to your in-salon marketing system, this step by step action plan is everything will take you a whole lot closer to having the salon you only dreamed was possible



I’m so excited that soon material and links will be added to both my website and blog so that i can share these wonderful tools with hairdresser’s stylist’s trainee’s

This will also provide access to the mentoring consultation program provided by and Karen and her husband David.they both have such commitment and vision.





Testimonial re Double Your Salon Success:


In writing Double Your Salon Succes, Karen Lynch shows she has a true understanding of the hairdressing world. She reveals the very essence of what makes for success by identifying the combination of service, consultation and sales that are needed to grow and be current. This book encapsulates so much of what we as stylists forget or take for granted. As Karen shares with us Pamela and Skye’s journey, she takes us on a roller coaster ride from start to finish. She reveals their struggle to make their dream a reality which is at times frustrating and emotionally upsetting and at other times exhilarating. As we read, we think “hey, that could be me; that is so right; what a great idea.” From start to finish, this book is a thought provoking and entertaining read that will leave you wanting to take the challenge to walk a new path to success.

Mike Vallance


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