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09 Feb

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I had an interesting week last week so i thought i would share some of a discussion with you. It is quite rare to find a salon manager who will take the time to sit and chat with you much less be very honest and open.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting up with Marcus [at this point no salon name]  I did not no how he would receive me. He had no idea as it turned out what i wanted. Did I want to sell him something every business owner and managers night mare back door sales.What did I want! Time an informal chat maybe some honesty .

I got all this and more. What an interesting open honest human being it has so restored my faith in being able to go and talk openly with fellow stylist about hair our industry. Career choice mistakes made lessons learned all a very open and sharing manner


For myself having had part of my career as a platform artist educator artistic team member it was interesting to re live this with some else. For when we are doing this the hype the stage the being center of attention the celebrity status or so we think can take over. Or is it just Ego? We both agreed that at the time we felt the respective company needed us more than us them. The reality of this of course is quite the opposite. There will always be some one new dying to do the  major companies bidding for them that chance at real success. But it’s only as we get older hopefully wiser we can really judge for our self how to measure true success.

For me I can now measure it in response to articles and topic’s I post. Feeling good about giving back sharing my experience connecting with others trying to make a difference and raise standards.

Marcus runs the salon in quite a unique way they train to NVQ level both in house and from out side salons.They also run training assessor courses. On top of this they do specific classes for stylists to up grade skills.This is done on certain days and Marcus on the other days has is own  clients to attend to.

Multitasking offering every aspect of our industry.

Sharing , thoughts idea's

My own feelings are. That all this salon offers is very comprehensive but i still think that more needs to be done in the promotion of Service Consultation and looking after clients. This is not a reflection on the courses this salon or others offer be it education or service. But as an added topic worthy of time discussion and one bringing to the attention of all stylist.

Whilst having lunch with friends yesterday. The topic moved to hair colour, cuts a normal direction conversation can go when women know your a stylist. I steered it back to asking them about service and consultation every single one said same thing no service when it came to consultation!

In the door and to the basin. If your a returning client no chance of a pre wash consultation why is this?

Remember we lose clients through poor service lack of attention to detail make that visit a special experience for your clients.

Academies, colleges. you have the platform to introduce the importance of service and consultation throughout any training period.

It is the job of all of us to improve the professional  standards and image of our industry it starts in your  Salon the experience you offer.   Mike B2MR


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