Furure opportunities in hairdressing

24 Feb

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A little self indulgent. But as i write these blogs, post articles. I pause, take time to reflect on what next. Where does the next challenge lie. What direction will my career take me in. Will any more doors open. What opportunities will arise. I trust that if one puts out positive thought, supported with positive action,only good can come from it.

What do I miss? What would I like to do? A hard one to answer to my self, my career to date has afforded me so many opportunities.These just seem to appear, come out of left field. So i have to trust, an opportunity will come out of all this Net working and Blogging.

My passions being, working with others, to share the experience i have gained over the years.This could be Platform work, in conjunction with. Artistic team work, education work or just working with, Individual salons and hairdressers, to improve skill and knowledge. I really think that the keys to successes are different depending on the. Individual, the situations.


If in a salon.

Relationships between. Owner. Management. Staff team. Image. Service. Consultation. Sales skills. Product knowledge. Jointly sharing that a vision.


For the individual stylist.

Education. knowledge. Technical skills. Communication skill. Consultation skills. people skills.  Followed by goals, motivation ,inspiration, creativity.


Opportunities career direction.

Colour technician. Educator for colour company.Platform artist.Artistic team member.



Competition work. Photo shoots. In house model nights and training, product knowledge.

All these above are aspects of our industry. The things that all salons at some point need to look at, they need to address these to stay current. To keep up with the constant changes and demands in our industry.


With so many distributors. Offering products on line, having face book pages, being interactive with clients. Those clients being us the salon owners, the stylist.  The support required is both. Practical. Technical. It’s help and advise, access to demonstrations, education events, knowledge sharing.

The perfect situation would be, to work with a distributor, to share knowledge and experience. Whilst promoting products through. Education. Service and consultation skills,

This i did very successfully. Whilst working with a major distributor, doing platform work and artist   team work, all whilst representing a major colour company. It is my belief that education and sales go hand in hand. Sales funds education, education, stimulates sales. Through knowledge and experience.


At this point. I’m beginning to feel that I having a full understanding of, all the different products sold over the counter, What they do. How they work. This is essential, but one has to stay current,with these ever changing products and the technology they bring.

We have to be able to. Explain and give reason to clients, as to why the service we offer and perform are worth while. That we are the experts. Who understand the chemistry of hair, also understands the down side and indeed pitfalls, that can be associated with, the use of some of these unprofessional store purchased products, be they colour or home hair relaxer’s.

From a clients point view. They can only know what, the adverts and media portray. They don’t know or have the product knowledge, to understand what might happen. What the ramifications could be from misuse, that’s out job. The professional. To advise, recommend, inform. This is not selling. this is doing our job and the consultation correctly. Being totally professional.


So back to me. My next path. My Journey. Will it be. Education, consultation, sharing, promoting Net working, all of these are my hope. This is the way forward for the new year. Using all the experience I  have gained, along with my belief in. Raising both the bar and indeed the awareness of issue relating to our profession.Working with and helping others to grow, to be as successful as they want to be, for it is in every ones hands. To make the changes to grow and succeed.


Share your thoughts vision idea’s, Thanks Mike B2MR




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    June 9, 2011 at 8:29 pm

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  2. mikeb2mr

    June 10, 2011 at 6:26 am

    yes it’s a great way to share and connect with other’s Mike B2MR

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