Blonde hair colour reviews 2011

25 Feb


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Blonde hair colour reviews:

As my re-search into hair colour blogs and new places to read reviews find helpful information I’m amazed at the content the misinformation or lack of content.

I really enjoy the sights that allow you post comments and share thoughts ones that don’t edit you response.

Below are some highlights from an article its ok but it rather lacking in informative content it does not give any real information it strokes the surface but then leaves you hanging lets take a look.

I will put the article in question in small bold print!

Good Colours to Dye Blonde hair:

Choosing a flattering shade or colour depends on a couple of different factors ideally you want to choose a shade that is flattering to your skin tone and eye colour. so the colour that is best for one may not be right for another. even if they both have blonde hair, luckily there are ways to decide on a colour to get the best possible results, read on to tips to help you choose.

So far so good sounds interesting agree on considering skin tone eye colour they contribute to how a colour looks.

Warm and cool

Skin tone is probably the single biggest factor in determining what colour will look good on a person  followed by eye colour, to make a decision based on these factors determines whether you are warm or cool type. The majority of natural blondes will be cool with fair skin that burns before tanning, blue or green eyes. if you have olive or golden skin that tans easily and brown eyes , you are warm.

ok this is where i loose the plot it’s way to sweeping my wife has green eyes tans easily and bright red hair! I have dark brown hair green eyes and burn inside on a sunny day! it’s just not helpful it’s to sweeping as a statement it confuses.

Hum so i disagree this infers or suggest what? nothing if you have olive or golden skin forget going blonde! that’s going to upset a few people like half of Hollywood!

Moving on:

For cool Blondes, cool brown to ash tones will typically be the most flattering, coppery should be avoided as they bring out the red in  your skin tone.

For warm blondes look for gold and bronze tones that are darker than your skin. very light shades with brassiness can be harsh on a warm skin tone, avoid black as it will wash you skin tone out!

Model below natural level 7 blue eyes i think the red works?

So if you have Mediterranean skin colour forget blonde. if you suntan! again far to sweeping. and what about all those amazing Italian Blondes!


A good rule of thumb is to only go two shade lighter or darker than your own skin colour,to dramatic a change can look very awkward if you are not going for a bold statement colour.

For example many people who go from very light colour to Black complain it makes their skin look very purple.this is likely because someone with naturally blonde hair would not have the right skin tone to support such a dark colour.

Well on this bases if you Dark Blonde natural level 6 guess what  if you want to go lighter you will never be blonde  two shades lighter giver you an under tone of orange! now that will not work with your skin colour will it!

Blonde to Black their are people with blue eyes and black hair! again does not go far enough to inform correctly.

Don’t trust the Box:

If your going to do a home dye job,be careful not to completely trust the picture on the box!

{go figure best advise in this article so far} the picture may be misleading if the model has a different

skin, eye, colour underlying hair colour from yours. most boxes have a colour swatch on the top of the box.{always a big help} that you can hold up to your face in front of a mirror also look for key words like Ash and caramel to help you work out if it will compliment your natural warm or cool tones.

You can also do a strand test to see if the colour will work for you before you dye the entire head.

To the right dark blonde natural level 6 blonde it works!

OMG! so you can tell if it’s going to look good by holding the box to your face! Ash Caramel do what? do you know? are you any clearer. [think not}

Ash is designed to neutralize Orange. Caramel is what you might end up with if you neutralize orange!

Ash is not the answer to all you prayers.

My past blogs explain all the issues of tone lift colours  this was an exercise in misinformation.

Knowledge is power  A little knowledge is dangerous get informed.

If in doubt go and have a consultation with a professional stylist to get real colour advise! don’t rely on half cocked info such as this. moving on lets take a look at Blondes

Blonde lets get to the bottom of it!

A good example of why we some times struggle to attain a really nice natural level of Blonde   is there are so many factors that have to be considered, first and foremost hair natural level target level the colour we want colour.

Unfortunately the over the counter box can be misleading in the way they are presented don’t be taken in by packaging or the shade on the box

Some stylist just don’t fully comprehend the lifting process,

Choice of product is key be it professional or a store purchase.

Any natural level darker than level 6 this would be a [Dark Blonde] will not lift to natural Blonde level 9 it will always have a tendency to be to warm orange or yellow.

Why because of the underlying pigment exposed. With a natural level 6 expecting more than a level 9 from a permanent tint colour is still pushing things in most cases you will always be fighting warmth.

Even using a 40 volume peroxide and a high lift Tint level 9 is max although many colour companies claim 4levels of lift with 40 volume that only takes you to a 9 why?

We have to lift through level 6 then level 7 then level 8 finally 9 so it does not go 4 levels so 6 to level 10 is an unlikely target colour

So we have to see through what some companies portray natural less harmful chemistry it is not always the case adding natural oils or waxes to protect scalp, to make application easier are all part of this process portraying that oils protect add shine.

This is why knowledge research are key and empowering when it comes to colouring hair and the choices we make on products must go beyond what the sales rep or promotion material say.

Consider this would a hair colour with a low volume of Ammonia be less harmful than products posted as being herbal natural but don’t fully disclose what they have in the them or where they are sourced from i find the idea of colour that works miracles in 10 minutes should be seriously wondered about!

It is also key to have a consultation with a stylist ask questions  i try on this site to inform both hairdressers  and the client be clear about what you want be clear about your expectation be clear about the upkeep maintenance.

I read so many articles that give misleading information or partial information on colouring,

yes skin type eye colour they are all things to consider in the consultation phase ask for swatches to be held against you face does it bring out your eyes? do the pop! home colour a part from researching the product maybe try on a wig see if it works for you!

We have products claiming to be organic all natural deep condition and so on but really think what we are asking these products to do then decide if they can be really that wonderfully healthy and natural recently i was reading about an all natural product but in its description stated a blend of all natural flowers, vegetables, with added hair dye!da it’s all in the print. get informed. then go Blonde with the knowledge of what your doing or having done.

Thanks Mike


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