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02 Mar


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Home Hair Colour: THE PIT FALLS,


I have been inspired to touch on this huge subject,

A place people offer advise and share their experiences with each other shame stylist don’t do this! it’s very cool.

I am going to try and cover some subjects to try and save some hair nightmares. I do understand how things happen and why !

Misuse of products, miss information, inpatients, and not following guide lines and instructions.

I have already posted topic’s on this blog site on Bleaching. Lift deposit. Toning . Damage .Condition  but have decided that it is such a huge topic so that i think to cover all issues in depth so will post more individual topics over the coming days.

In the hopes of guiding and providing information that helps avoid pit falls.


A list of topic’s that may well be added to:


Bleaching/ Decolourizer/ Lift deposit?/ Toning.

Metallic salts in hair colour.

Re dying hair/ with Drug store colour / Roots Application/colour Balance.

Removing Colour/ Stand tests/ Condition.

Using Pigment / Under tone pigment friend or foe:

Bleaching Root application.

I also think at this juncture. That it is worth mentioning that .Not all home colours be they permanent tints or fun fashion shade are what they claim to be. It’s buyer beware if wondering should i colour my hair will it hold colour a very simple test .

Take a strand test. Remove a small amount of your processed hair and drop it into a glass of water.If it sinks fair chance it will not hold colour and is over processed healthy hair will float. If you have a history of colouring and bleaching it on a regular bases. It may feel slimy when wet sort of stretchy time to give it a rest!! it’s toasted! will not hold colour.


Many Products claiming no Ammonia have something else doing the same Job MEA , Grain Alcohol derivatives, other products that manipulate the ph of the hair.

They in some cases can contain trace elements of metallic salts, this is why it’s essential to do a stand test. prior to applying bleach a chemical reaction can occur creating heat.

In worst case this heat can melt over processed hair


To determine if hair has been colored by a metallic dye, mix 1 oz. of 20-volume peroxide with 20 drops of 28% ammonia. Submerge 20 strands of hair in the solution and let it sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes. If the hair lightens rapidly, the hair contains lead. If there is no reaction after 30 minutes, the hair contains silver or bismuth. If the solution starts to boil and emits a foul odor, the hair contains copper. Hair that has no metallic salts on it should lighten only very slightly.

I hope that this information is helpful and that the topic’s  covered do help with some of the issues that can happen when colouring and re colouring hair. Without knowledge of the products chemistry or formulation the risks of a chemical reaction or poor results or indeed allergic reaction can be a risk.


Although I offer sound advise. Every head is different the  history on any given head is different so information and advise offered is only guidance. Although I am a qualified  professional i cannot guarantee results on any given head.

If in doubt get a professional consultation it should be free and without commitment.

All of the topic’s and articles posted are to try and share knowledge and experience .Hoping to inspire and raise standards.

On a bad day you could end up like this! anyone guess how this

was done or why?


I would love to hear comments feed back .


Enjoy anything really is possible if you put your mind to it take your time and be patient!!

Mike B2MR


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