Hot reds coppers switching hair colour

12 Mar

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When we think of reds there are just so many shades to choose from. Hot reds Warm controlled reds. Copper shades all the way through to cool blue mauve reds.

The red shades are the hardest to get to last keep that rich true colour.

The rule is hardest to get into the hair last to come out!

Choosing the correct shade the right volume of Peroxide are all so key to good results using the natural pigment in the clients hair to give depth and longevity to colour. If we use to higher volume of peroxide we can lift the hair to much lifting out any red or orange and giving us a yellow orange pigment base. Always consider target colour and what will be exposed in the lifting process.


Faded dull with Grey root issue

All food for thought? But we also need to consider the formulation for root application the formulation to colour balance on mid lengths and ends.

Hot or bright roots seems to be a huge problem then we also have to consider a formulation for Grey coverage.

Hot roots are normally caused by lack of N natural series or a controlling green or blue base if to bright.






With these examples of red I have tried to show that it is possible to change shade in this case red without damaging or causing stress on the hair.

As you can see the different shades chosen are all in the same family red, red copper, red brown they all work with skin and eye colour of the model.



Rich vibrant even colour root to end

The Key to switching colour and shade is to do it in stages. Work up and down the shades slowly going from lighter to darker is easy tone on tone. To go Darker to lighter the key is to use the pigment you are lifting don’t try for to many levels at once, remember it’s an ever changing journey not a race. Using this method you can constantly suggest new change with compromise.

A colour client will stay with you as long as your doing a great job so take your time explain what’s possible both short term and long ! have fun.



But consider the environment you are working in the history of of previous colour application. consider and plan colour goals for coming months so change is possible with out over processing and or a poor job!

Take into account any issues during the consultation Grey issues can be resolved so you don’t have a thin deposit or  hot roots . Remember Grey issues will require some amount of the N natural series in the root formulation the level of peroxide you choose is the other deciding factor.

The model above to the right  has a Grey issue but as you can see a rich vibrant even colour is possible



As you can see from these last three shots. new shots same model new  deeper richer red almost brunette shade.  Why? Well as we are dealing with a little more Grey a to vibrant  copper could cause it to  look thin and with a possible bright roots issue.

A razor cut to create texture and movement no scissors used also added more texture with my claw finger razor’s.


I hope that is article is helpful and that it creates thought about lift deposit and target colour. Remember consider the issues and the environment you are working on.

Mike B2MR






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One response to “Hot reds coppers switching hair colour

  1. Bella Foxx

    March 13, 2011 at 12:22 am

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. In response to your comment, my hair has a lot of gray in it and I am coloring it dark reddish brown. It is a color that is close to my natural color and I think it looks good. As for the top, it is not a ‘good’ top. I learned my lesson long ago about what to wear to the salon. The spot looks like I might have leaned up against something or touched something then touched the top. It is very small. I think it will come out with Oxy clean the next time I wash it.

    Your blog is very interesting.

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