Blunt hair cut scissors and tools:

24 Mar

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I  raise this question with all these variation on the Bob shape. Why  is it when really short  up to the hair line Bobs are created are the lines so harsh?  In so many cases these cuts look like a line has been done with a pair of Clippers why such a harsh blunt line? what ever happened to softness working with growth pattens. What ever happened to considering jaw line does the client have a neck can she ware this blunt look. In so many cases little thought is given to  how this look would work with any given client it’s a mass produced look

A line can be blunt dramatic but still have some softness and texture to it. We need to consider the texture of the hair the way it grows and how it lies. How will it look on the client can they carry it off ?

Why not push your self. Challenge your  creative talent with those shears scissors or that razor we are blessed now days with so many techniques and amazing tools that we really can push the envelope

of creativity.

Not only do we have at our disposal amazing tools, but the techniques we have the freedom we have allows us to explore  hair as a medium to create shape from and texture

Maybe it’s time to up grade those scissors, shears or that razor. Maybe it’s time to up date those skills push the envelope, Really learn how to play with hair create some amazing natural free form shape

Be brave be bold but consider that shape. How it moves how it falls. Create a shape that stands out, for the hair cut is your walking bill board! your client is your future your success, give them your best

Mike B2MR

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