Hair and the darker side!

24 Mar


It is my goal to create a platform that over time will become a place to share thoughts review hair colour and products.

If you’re are not blessed or maybe cursed with true natural blonde and you want to tone down your hair one of the best ways to do this without walking out of the salon looking like you just put a wig on your head is to have  Demi-permanent hair color  this form of colour leave the hair looking more natural the deposit offering more tone and dimension.

The big question Why?


Permanent hair color both lifts you own hair whilst deposits color into your hair.  If your hair is lighter than your target colour there is no need to “lift” your hair  it can damage it further. Demi-permanent hair color is easier on the hair but the deposit is deeper than traditional semi permanent colour.

DEMARCATION LINES: or  re-growth,

A Demi-permanent color will help ease the growing out process because it doesn’t create a stark line in contrast with your natural hair color so long as the correct shade is chosen  as it fades, the lines get a little blurred this form of colour blends and really supports the growing out process.


It helps you to transition to a darker shade if you are unsure about going darker.  In many case a Demi  colour application will last longer than a permanent hair color  due to the fact your not introducing the peroxide and thus lightening part of the colour equation to the hair, it will help the “going darker” process since  hair previously made blonde hair often times needs to be “filled.”  Basically, bleached hair is like a sponge as easily as it soaks up color it loses color.  (Keep in mind that this is also why low light’s fade more quickly the more blonde you get in your hair).

A Demi application will help to fill in the gaps so when you do choose to go darker there is something already in the hair for the color molecules to hold on to.

Should you hair be naturally light but you want to try going a shade or a few shades darker the same applies you don’t need a permanent formulation.


It’s an opportunity to have fun.  You can try different tones and different colors without having to worry about it lasting as long as normal hair color.  You can make your hair a “chocolate” brown or you can give it some warmth and make it a “golden brown” or even “auburn.”

Always consider where you natural level sits on a shade chart and how many shades you want to darken it by, also consider that a change in colour will effect skin tone and choice of make up!

A Demi formulation slowly fades out but constant use of this formulation can build up and create a more permanent demarcation line.

Hopefully you enjoy playing with your the darker side! of your hair, that is.  What’s color  do you wish you could achieve with your hair? Or do you like your natural color?

Its all about choice making one and living or maybe embracing the consequences!

Thanks Mike B2MR

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