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24 Mar

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Hair colour and the hair Industry.

I thought it might be fun to post some thoughts on. The hair industry and training in the hope of getting some feed back.

To start a conversation on how people feel about their salon experience, also views on store brought over the counter home hair colours and relaxers, a wealth of new products hits the stores foam hair colour, keratin relaxers, but are they safe? Do they do the job you want? Are you well informed?if not why not?

It amazes me just how much bad over processed hair wanders the streets. Questions  that come to mind. Did that person pay for that? Did they request it? Did the stylist think that’s acceptable? What was going through the mind of the person, giving that service, creating that look.

In some cases home colour that is so bad, dull colour or hot red roots, muddy brown ends. Grey hair  that has been coloured but is either mauve, bright orange, no depth, no natural base shade.

It goes on. Blondes who try and go dark, but the colour fades out over night. Dark shades trying to go blonde ending up orange! a never ending list that goes on and on.

Hair that you cannot get a comb through, when wet it feels rough and caustic until you apply handfuls of conditioner.Could this be you? Have you got good and bad stories to share. It might be time to bring this whole colour business out in the open. Together we can all explore the good, the bad and the ugly side of the hair colour business. Those products that promise the earth but never come up to expectation.

Some of the questions that come up oh so often with hair colour are:

The market for hair colour is huge. Ask yourself this question.

Why would the formula for your roots or new growth. Be the same as hair that has been colouered before?  Or a Grey formula being used on none Grey hair?  it happens all the time.

What good does avocado oil, fruit of the loom, leang leang oil do for your hair? Does it really help with colour retention? The answer is No.

You are just being sold the idea of natural and healthy. Why is herbal natural colour so much better than one with Ammonia?  One being sold with all natural MEA  but do you know what MEA is? what it does? How it works? Your thoughts.

Questions to think about. Why does my hair fade to a dull orange brown colour? The mid length and ends don’t hold the colour? Why can’t you get the shade of blonde you want. It’s always to yellow sometimes Orange just never right.

Again I post these as questions looking for feed back. I would be happy to share. Thoughts and views on these issues, or any other hair related topic’s.

One has to wonder these days. How many salon’s and schools are cashing in on young peoples hopes of making it big in the hair industry.

Consider the standard of what is being taught. The amount of real education being given both hands on practical and theory. The length of time the training period is for and the standard achieved the qualification gained.

Remember this students. Look into the fee being charged, against the qualification being given. Many of these schools not only charge you the trainee. They also charge the model a fee to cover the cost of product. In so many cases they are more driven by making money, than standards of excellence.

How qualified and current are the teachers!! Many are very out of date old school, especially in many of the collages. Very little flare, very un-creative.They teach from a manual without passion.

I think with so many young people looking into the exciting world of the hair industry. Honesty about the industry, future earning potential, success should be discussed.

Targets should be made, commitment to on going education should be considered.

Many salon’s and schools spend so little time considering. The whole topic of. Building up a solid client base. Client retention. Service and consultation skills.

This is a huge topic and one that really needs to be addressed. Many salon’s and indeed salon owners never take the time to be honest about. There policy’s regarding all aspects of caring for clients.

It goes far beyond just doing hair. At the end of the day. Hairdressing is a service industry and if you don’t like people, giving service. Then you might want to consider if hairdressing is for you.

Consider this.

Knowledge is power, honesty is power, great service is power, all these are key to success.

Hair cutting and Styling.

We teach young stylist to make, clean sections, lift these section up and cut a clean line, re check make sure it’s clean an even. In many cases we teach them. To start by taking a clean section from the crown! What ever happened to build up a shape having a foundation? Understand weight distribution, angles of sections. How will the hair fall. What weigh and shape might it create.

We see so many short cut with. Clean straight lines along the hair line, it’s been cut or shaved to look clean and tidy. In reality the hair line is not straight, so it will not lye in a straight line, lye flat. In some cases within a short space of time a man’s hair cut can look loop sided why?

Because the growth of the hair line is not considered.

The understanding of. Shape, weight distribution.The shape of the head, growth of the hair and finally the real kicker.


So why teach the way we do?  The head has so many different angles, all these must be considered. It is not just picking up a section and snipping it off. Making the section clean and straight.

The same can be said with thinning shears. Understanding when removing bulk to create less volume thin the hair. Understand the effect that it will have on the desired shape. Consider the type of hair. If you remove bulk. Will it create unwanted volume? Because of less weight? will it control curly hair and volume issues ? So much to consider

My passion is razor cutting and using my claws. Freestyle cutting. Allowing the hair to form a shape and working with it.

Working in this fashion. One has to have a a vision, understand shape, hair growth, patterns, weight distribution.

So much to learn and a life time to learn it in. One does not have to know everything. We just need a willingness to learn. To improve, to share and gain knowledge. To constantly look to improve and challenge your self. To step out side of the box that safe area your own personal comfort zone.

Fear is what holds so many of us back. Fear of failure. Fear of exposing ourselves, being out of our depth. Everyone has these fears. It’s normal but we have to face them. A fear faced is no longer a fear.

We have so much to learn, so many paths to take, embrace this as a challenge to exceed you own personal expectations, what ever they may be.

The Hairdressing industry. Needs to be much more transparent. Open to sharing, from salon staff, to salon owners, to colour companies, schools, colleges. Be it education, knowledge or formulation and techniques.

We have to be aware of new products as they come to to the market and the salon, The formulation. The chemistry.The results one can expect. The indeed health safety issues if any.

To share is to grow!    To strive to be better to make a real difference!

Mike B2MR:

Make 2011 a year to make change challenge your self be informed.


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