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05 Apr


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Well with the British Nation and interest around the world in a royal wedding why not some a topic on wedding hair and looks.

Working with our clients to find and create that perfect wedding hair Up-do that special look making her feel princess for a day.

I have tried to keep a record of this journey we tool together as a stylist in some ways more pressure in others a very special unique position to be in, my parting gift to my daughter an Up do forged from love a look worthy of our journey up to this special moment,

As i write this i also reflect on what an important day this truly is and we as stylist should not take this

practice sessions

practice sessions key to success







The out takes session this one we decided was to busy and disjointed and no braids! moving on:

texture movement style







We decided both these looks we liked the swirl  but not big enough and just a little to much going on again we agreed on this whilst look at digital shots on the comp of each look. takes time but well worth it

below the last look we dismissed as being a little to much like a french pleat! as classic but not for this look.

classic elegant

practice makes perfect








As you can see quite a few looks explored patients on both sides but well worth it all the looks show off colour texture but just missed a little something  until one just pooed out! It is my opinion that some of these up do looks area mess but i had to post them to show the journey one take sand how this evolves it does not just happen. even top stylist practice a look so it looks easy and it works!

stunning elegant

These last two were the end of day one and i think show quite the journey of how things evolve shapes form ideas come to life

The big dayhappy bride to be











these last two shots show off a look but they also show texture and show off the highlights oh and the beauty of the bride to be. Whilst doing this exercise we had i deal i would not see the dress but would find a look that would do it justice.

We discovered on the day the the pleat and the texture created  worked the same way as the fabric of the back of the dress

Master the art be creative have confidence enjoy creating remember it’s not always about money the rewards can be so much greater!!

evening ware elegant

classic evening look

cascading curls

Mike B2MR


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