It’s a wedding day.

29 Apr

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Well the day starts bright and early.

 After Months of practice and working together the big day has arrived and up it goes.

Working towards the finished look a touch of blue just for a little edge.

Vintage Rolls Royce ready to carry the bride.

Arriving at the Ceremony for the service.

The happy couple now Mr and Mrs.

Cup cakes how topical and a very happy couple.

 Well this was a pictorial story of a wedding day that is the closing of this weeks postings all around weddings. Working with the Bride.Being creative. Celebrating the day. As hair dressers we have so much power over this day it is our job our role to make sure it runs smoothly and the brides looks and feels like a princess for a day.

For me as the father of the Bride my daughter Emily Kate.It was even more of a journey we tool together.

Many thanks to Emily now happily married love Dad .


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