Home hair colour, Foaming Mousse.

30 Apr

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This will be one of my shorter articles and I am not going to brand bash. My goal is to only draw attention to one aspect of this form of colour that really is not different form any other over the counter colour.

Well maybe it’s two issues that need to be addressed and thought of. Firstly and foremost the Mousse is applied all over the hair as the adverts suggest, Its and easy to apply foam how do you know that you have coverage? And what if your only wanting to re fresh those roots?

My point on this being that if hair has been previously coloured why would you apply the same chemistry all over. The roots need one formulation especially if Grey is an issue. The previously coloured hair would require a refresh of pigment but not the peroxide or Alkaline that will be present in such a product.

Also note what ever the product you cannot lift colour with colour! so going from a darker shade and trying to apply a lighter one will not work.

Over time these products can dry your hair out may over process it.They will lead to dry hair that it less able to hold colour pigment so fading will be an issue.

Think about these issues before you make what is in the end your choice your decision.

Mike B2MR


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