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11 May

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                            Colour Build up of pigment in shampoo products

I have to be quite careful when writing this topic because I don’t want to name any one product for I am not  trying to target any given product or company just draw attention to the following.

I was recently in a store and thought it might be nice to buy my wife a well know brand product shampoo and conditioner.  As some of past article readers know I like to think I have enough knowledge and experience to share and voice my opinion and thoughts!

Any way I colour my wife’s hair on a regular bases she is quite red so i thought i would look at some of the shampoo to help enhance colour but being the person that i am i decided to read the ingredient label.

Well to my slight surprise this product had alcohol and colour pigment in it! Being a shampoo for brunettes or red heads the pigments were red and yellow there were a host of other chemicals in this brand name so called moisturising colour friendly shampoo. I then looked at the different shampoo’s for other types of hair colour guess what they all had alcohol and pigment in them.

I have checked on line various sights. No mention of the pigment dye or alcohol only the conditioning qualities and herbal extracts they contain. Sorry but it’s smoke and mirrors.

Here is the thing Alcohol is drying so why would you want that in a product to wash and condition your hair? Why would you want that alcohol to open the cuticle even a little to one drop pigment in the form of stain into your hair! Why would you want to open the cuticle this may cause fading of said colour by opening the cuticle?  Finally as a hair colour technician i know that these staining products can build up in the hair and may effect  a future in salon colour service.

Next time to are thinking about a colour refreshing hair shampoo think about what some of these products can do.

My advise use good quality shampoo and conditioner stay away from anything that will stain or deposit any colour pigment in your hair.

If in doubt ask your stylist or read the label if it mentions pigment dye alcohol chemicals your unsure of move on !!

If you colour your hair and wash it on a regular bases they may well effect future deposit of your in salon  colour service they may cause fading it may cause banding. Hope this helps or at least pushes some buttons.

Out of respect to various makers of these products i have chosen not to mention them by brand.

Mike B2MR                               


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